Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The House is on the Market !!


Kim & I have been working our proverbial butts off getting the joint up to scratch. We were surprised actually, as it didn't need that much work. The major jobs were to paint the gutters, the trusses underneath the pergola and the laundry. All in all the major jobs only took 1 week.

We have cleaned the place from top to bottom and it's looking very spick and span I must say. We have had some nice rain, so I fertilized the grass and so the lawns are looking great!

We had our first inspection the other day; had some excellent and very positive feedback about how great the place looks and how we presented it. We are not expecting to sell it on the first inspection though! The people who took a look are from Broken Hill and were in town for 2 days to house hunt. They apparently looked at 40 houses in that time! Hell, you wouldn't remember one from the other!

I'm not sure if the whole selling and moving thing that is about to occur has sunk in yet. We are still a little dazed about the Centre closing and the fact that in 6 months we could be living about 700 kms further north in a different house with a beautiful beach within a 30 minute drive! It all seem a little surreal at times. I guess we have just been too busy to really sit and think about it but, every now and then we will just look at each other and say 'Shit, this is happening!'

Anyway, the family is well, which is the main thing.

Just thought I would add some photos I took of the place that will be appearing (I hope) on the Real Estate Site.

Love to all