Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Kim, Rhiannan and I returned from a wonderful south coast holiday about 3 weeks ago. A wonderful relaxing week in the sun and surf and sand……………

The next day after arriving home, I received a phone call from our Centre Manager about a meeting for all staff on Monday the 17th Nov with the Assistant Commissioner for Police.

To cut a long story short, the wonderful management of NSW Police Communications and ourPolice Minister (who hasn’t been in the job long enough to learn the rank structure) have decided that in the interest of managing public monies, our Operations Centre is to close by June 2009 !!

We were given 2 weeks to decide our entire future and whether or not we want a voluntary redundancy,redeployment to another govt job or transfer within the Communications Group.

We had an inkling that this was to occur when vacant positions were not being advertised as early as Sep this year.

Kim and I have decided to take a transfer to Newcastle Police Comms. Although the Newcastle Centre may have only 3-4 year lifespan, there is much more opportunity up there than what Wagga has to offer. Not only that, but Lachlan and Rhiannan will come with us and there is also heaps of opportunity for them also.

Unfortunately, Kasey has moved out with her boyfriend only 1 month ago, and will have to see out the lease. She has indicated that she would love to come with us but we will have to wait and see what pans out.

You see, the plan is that ALL Police Comms Centres as we know them will close in the future, and that 2 new Super Centres will be purpose built. One is to be situated at Prospect in Sydneys west, and the other at Tuggerah Lakes, just south of Newcastle. So you see why the Newcastle Centre may only have a 3-4 year lifespan, but at least we will be positioned in that area whatever happens.

There are also many other options with NSW Police (or other Govt departments) in the Newcastle area. Kim and I have been really really stressed and upset, not sleeping, vomiting etc etc, BUT – at the same time we have this sixth sense that this may be a good change, albeit a forced one. The kids always said that they would never stay in Wagga, and Kim and I always said that once they left there was nothing for us here and we might enjoy a sea change. Of course we had no idea where we may have ended up, so I guess that Newcastle and surrounds is as good as any.

The NSW Police will pay all associated costs with selling, buying and removals, so that is somewhat of a big bonus.

Although this has been a shocking thing to happen, we are treating it as an opportunity; one door closes and another opens. If we dwell on the negative, then we will get nowhere. We have weighed up the positives of such a move, and actually think that there may be more plusses up there than what we currently have in Wagga……….beautiful beaches, bikini girls (wooo hoooo!), wineries, mountains (Barrington Tops), shopping (god, there go the girls!), entertainment, my brother who lives only 20 mins north at Medowie, 45 mins flying time to QLD (cheap fares from Williamtown Airport) to see the rest of my family, heaps of places for parental escape weekends, so much closer to Sydney and Kims mum & dad – etc etc…..

We’re busy as hell at the moment catching up on all those odd jobs round the house that were left undone over the years; there is actually not that many. Hopefully the timing will be perfect, we will sell here, find a place up there and have a door to door removal.

Cross your fingers for us

Love to all