Friday, 21 January 2022

Hot & Humid in Morpeth


It was about mid year last year when a friend asked if I'd like to take some family photos of her partner and his children.  

Of course I would!  I don't really get to take photos/portraits of people that much and this was a nice opportunity.  Mind you, we are shift workers and getting us with the same day off would be an achievement in itself!

It wasn't until December that we could meet up, 2 days before Christmas.  

I chose Morpeth for the photos because it is a lovely little town with an historic bridge, and great little alleyways and older buildings.  It also has a wharf just out of town on the Hunter River which is very picturesque.

The day was hot and humid and, let's face it, getting your photo taken with your 3 sisters is not a terribly exciting thing for a 10 year old boy!  The young bloke was not in the mood but, you know; it doesn't matter!  I have photos of our own children when they were not in the mood and now, when we get the photo albums out, we all have a good laugh about the moody, sullen faces captured forever on the prints; it priceless!

We wandered up the main street, stopping at spots to capture the moments, down the small alleyways in the cool of the shade, stopped at the park and then walked down the main street again to the Wharf on the Hunter River.  We got our last photos there and the young bloke was in his element; he decided he needed a swim.  After jumping off the wharf into that cool water, his temperament was definitely less sullen (haha).  Got some good shots of him somersaulting and bombing into the river and finally having a ball!  Being cooled off, I got a nice shot of him and Dad with the river and bridge in the distance.

As I mentioned, I don't often get the chance to do family photos.  Although pretty happy with this lot, I realise I need more experience with posing groups of people.  

For some of these I shot in 16:9 panorama mode.  I could leave my camera in this mode forever, except when I have to shoot in Portrait, I change to 4:3.

I also need to consider equipment to take along.  I have a Glanz reflector set that includes a round diffuser.  The diffuser would have certainly been handy in the situations here where the Sunlight was bright and harsh on faces.  I also need to consider using off camera flash with diffuser attached just sitting to the side a little on a tripod to give that fill into shadows.  That being said though, that is a lot of equipment to be lugging around on a photo safari!

I shot with my Canon 90D and Canon 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 Nano USM lens.  Edited in Lightroom and the Nik Collection Colour Efex Pro 2.  Colour Efex Pro by Nik Collection has some great portrait tools.  The Black & White photos were edited in the Nik Collection Silver Efex Pro and tweaked in Lightroom also.

These photos are Copyright ©Life with Jordy Photography

All Rights Reserved

Pretty cool Ping Pong table!

Stopped for a sit down in the shade.

I love this photo; big sister telling younger bro to start smiling!  haha

Finally in his element!

Sisters.  One of my favs from the day!

Finally cooled down and his best smile of the day!

Thursday, 13 January 2022

AGFA APX 100 Film


So, what I have been doing with some of my film photography, is to make up a slide show for my You Tube channel.  It's just another way of displaying my film photography work.

I was just thinking that I should share these slide shows on here.  I do put the photos on here from my film rolls but I don't always upload them all.

Click on the link below and leave a like if you wish!

AGFA APX 100 - 35mm Film

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Time to get motivated!


Well, after 6 months I'm finally adding to the Blog!

It has been the loooongest 6 months.  Just when we thought things may return to normal, a new Covid strain pops its' ugly head up.  We haven't been isolating as such but, we haven't been out and about as much as we probably could have.  We did have a holiday in July planned but that went the way of most holidays lately; thanks to Covid!  I have managed to get some photography in but it has been a minimum effort.  

I've had no definite projects in mind.  My motivation for anything  specific has been totally lacking.  I've just been winging it, taking cameras with me when we walk the dogs by the lake or, when going for a walk during a meal break at work.  

I did have one specific shoot just before Christmas though.  A friend of mine asked me to take some photos of her husband and his children.  It was a hot, very humid day we spent at Morpeth and, I am happy to say, the photos turned out very nice.  But, they are for another blog post!

I have a roll of Fuji Velvia 100 Slide Film in 35mm that I used during this period.  I wound it onto the Canon 300V.  I still have to post it off to Sydney to have it developed and scanned as there are no places in Newcastle that develop in E6 chemical (which is a pain!).  

I also have a roll of Ilford PanF Plus100 in medium format to be developed and scanned.  It is a black and white film and I have to take it to Les Porter in Speers Point to be developed and then to Pro Am Lab in Lambton to be scanned.  Once these 2 films are done then I will have some film work to post on here and my other social media pages.

The Bronica ETRSi is loaded with a roll of Kodak Portra 160.  It is my intention to try and get up earlier (haha  big job for a shift worker on a day off!) and get some Sunrise photos.

I do have some digital photos to put up on here.  Photos from Warners Bay and Booragul dog walks.  I always take my camera if we are walking along Lake Macquarie foreshore, especially at about Sunset!

Also played catch up with a roll of Fuji Superia 400 Xtra that was waiting patiently in my Pentax Espio 105G for some time that I finally had developed and scanned.

Here's hoping that 2022 can bring us back to some semblance of normality; or as close to it as we can get!

All photos are Copyright ©Life with Jordy Photography

All Rights Reserved 

Sunset Contemplation - Warners Bay, Australia.

Sunset Conversation - Warners Bay, Australia.

Hangin' Out - Warners Bay, Australia.

Hunter in the Shallows #1 - Warners Bay, Australia.

Hunter in the Shallows #2 - Warners Bay, Australia.

The Wedding Dance - Fuji Superia 400 Xtra -
Pentax Espio 105G
35mm point and shoot with flash.

These are my daughters 2 dogs.   Rocky is a mix of Chihuahua and Fox Terrier and, Neo is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  This was the first time Neo had been taken to the lake.  He was a little unsure of the water at first but as you can see him being soaking wet, he learned to enjoy the swim on a hot day!

A little playing around with DOF on my Canon 50mm F1.2 to
while away some time.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Coffs Harbour Escape


Well, It's been a month and a half since I posted and here we are in the throws of another lockdown.   The whole of New South Wales is in lockdown due to Covid Delta ripping through Sydney and now the regional areas, mainly thanks to those who believe the whole virus to be a hoax or, those who have no respect for the community they live in and blatantly travelling out of area taking the Delta with them.

But, there was a time before lockdown.  A time when we were lucky enough to fit in a few nights at Coffs Harbour in early July for a well earned getaway just before the lockdown came in!  

And, of course, I took my camera with me!

Our daughter Rhiannan also had some time off work and came with us.

It was great to roam around and, except for one day, the weather was very kind to us!  We ate out or got takeaway.  Went for drives through the countryside to visit some of the smaller satellite towns and visited the local attractions.  A lovely relaxing time before returning to the rigours of working life and the eventual lockdown that we are now in.

All Photos are Copyright © Life with Jordy Photography

All Rights Reserved

Looking west from our Penthouse AirBNB Unit.  Wonderful to sit on the balcony having
a breakfast coffee.

Whenever I am in Coffs Harbour, I love to check out the Marina area, especially the fishing boats.

 Top and Below.  I love this massive jetty!  It's great to have a wander on the boardwalk and then go
 down onto the beach and get the views from underneath.  The colour and texture of the wood
      plus the play of light and shadow from the structure look great.

        We went for a visit to the Butterfly Farm at Bonville.  So many Butterflies drifting about 
         going from flower to flower.  Got some lovely shots as you can see. 

        Although the Canon EF-S 18-135mm has done a good job at f3.5, visiting here and taking
        these photos has given me thoughts about getting a dedicated Macro Lens that will open up a
        whole other area of photography for me to explore!

   We took day trips to a couple of small satellite towns around Coffs Harbour.   Dorrigo and 
    Bellingen.  It was bloody cold and drizzly up at Dorrigo on this particular day.  We visited the 
    Dorrigo Rainforest Centre and walked out onto the Lookout Skywalk to get a full view of the 
       surrounding area.  We didn't stay long on the Skywalk as the cold wind was blowing right through us!

     We did get out and go for a wander around Bellingen where I was able to get in a few Street Photos!

Another town we visited was Woolgoolga!  It is this lovely seaside town north of Coffs Harbour.
Woolgoolga is a derivative of the Aboriginal word 'Weelgoolga' - meaning 'bush plum' and
describes the Lilly Pilly trees that grew there.  The locals simply refer to it as 'Woopi'.  It is
an easy going place with a good beach and walk up to a grassy headland where you can get 
views up and down the coast.  Well worth stopping for a Coffee too!

Friday, 2 July 2021

Fuji NPS 160 Medium Format Film - Bronica ETRSi


I have a range of expired films in the freezer.  The majority are 35mm but thankfully I also have some Medium Format rolls in there as well.  All are Fuji films and some Kmart brand Focal.  The Medium Format films I have left are Fuji; NPH 400, NPS 160, Velvia 100, and a dozen Provia 100F.  For the most part I have been using the negative films; the slide film is so expensive to develop and scan because I have to send it away to Sydney and postage doubles the cost.

This is the first roll of Fuji NPS 160 that I have used out of the collection.  In its day it was billed as a daylight film to be used for portrait and weddings in daylight or under electronic flash, low contrast and low saturation.  Because it is primarily a professional portrait film (in its day!) it was also said to have an extremely low grain.

I didn't use the rule of thumb for shooting expired negative film which is to drop the exposure value by 1 stop for every 10 years of expiration.  The film has been frozen for ages and I have always shot my expired film at box speed.  It has never caused me any problems and it has been the same for this roll.

I guess this film is 16 years or so past expiry, which is why it doesn't appear to have that 'extremely low grain' that it was originally billed as having.  It does have the low contrast feel to it and I had to tweak contrast slightly in Lightroom to get a pleasing (to me!) look.  The saturation also, does not appear to me to be 'low saturation'.  The colour in the majority of the photos is fine although, the photos that were taken on the brightest day, have a slight yellowing of the colour I think.

The photos taken on Lake Macquarie at Valentine were taken using a Cokin Circular Polariser filter.  This has given those photos a much bluer sky than the others.  I have only had that filter for a short while and I am looking forward to getting out and about with it more often.

I love shooting with the Bronica ETRSi and the Zenzanon Eii 75mm f2.8 lens is so sharp!

All photos are © Copyright Life with Jordy Photography

All Rights Reserved

The motorcycles were lined up on the main street of East Gresford, a small town in
the Hunter Valley.  Must have been lunch time at the local pub for the group.  It
was a pretty overcast day with spots of Sun shining through at times

These two were taken at Soldiers Point on the Karuah River.  Bright sunny day with a little
scattered cloud.  Not sure what is happening with the colour of the green moss on the rocks in 
the photo above while the photo below shows the signature low saturation of the film.

Taken at Tocal in the Hunter Valley on the same day trip as the Motor Cycles above.  Virtually
full sun for this photo.  The saturation for this photo has a slight yellow tinge the same
as the rocks in the photo above; the grass looked a lot greener in real life.

The three photos above are of this quaint church 'St Marys on Allyn' at Allynbrook in the 
Hunter Valley of New South Wales.  The day had turned darker by the time I
got here and I took the exposure reading from the Church walls.
  By the time I got home it was torrential rain!

For these last three, taken Valentine on Lake Macquarie, I used a Circular Polariser I had just 
picked up for my Cokin system.  It has certainly brought out the blues in the colour!

Hot & Humid in Morpeth

  It was about mid year last year when a friend asked if I'd like to take some family photos of her partner and his children.   Of cours...