Thursday, 9 July 2020

A Newcastle Lunch Hour

I work in Newcastle (my paid job!)  About 5 mins walk away is the Newcastle Beach.  The best spot to go to for a sojourn out of the low light, computerised work place is James Fletcher Park on Watt Street.  It is 3/4 of the way up a reasonably steep street.  

Great vantage point looking north to the beach, Canoe Pool and Ocean Baths.  Looking south to the sea wall covering the bluffs below the Anne Feneley Lookout.  Look to the east; endless ocean with ships on the horizon and the odd whale or two breaching and frolicking during the migration season in winter.  Closer to the breach the local Porpoise Pod gently rise to take a breath as they feed just offshore. Standing at the fence in the Park, above the bluffs, one looks straight down onto the Skate Park.  A great perspective for photos from above.

You've gotta look up too!  On days when the wind is right, there are always paragliders riding the updrafts from the bluffs (check out a previous post to see some of this action).  For faster action in the sky, there is usually a helicopter or two hovering around.  Whether being used for Port Hunter operations or just a joy flight over the city, it would be great to hitch a ride with one!  But, for the ultimate buzz, there is always the fighter jet aircraft from the RAAF Base at Williamtown (just north of Newcastle) that perform low level ops over the beach.  You've got to be ready for them though!  With a sudden deafening roar they creep up on the unsuspecting worker loafing in the park and are gone before you can raise your camera!

Just standing there taking in the scenery, the fresh sea air and listening to the waves crashing against sand and rocks is enough to release the tension for that short time.

These photos taken with a Canon 90D and Tamron 18-270mm f3.5 zoom.

The beach not hosting as many as it usually does during the summer but, there appears to be a lunchtime touch footy competition going on for most of the year.  The relaxing of some social distancing rules means that there is a few more people out and about these days in comparison with the last few months.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Photo Safari in Black and White - AGFA APX Pan 100

After the demise of the original Fuji Acros 100 (of which I still have 1 roll left!) my fav B&W film has become AGFA APX Pan100.

This is a very reasonably priced black and white film.  I picked some up from Walkens House of Film on line shop for about AU$9 for a roll of 36 exposures.  

It is a nice, finely grained film.  It has a good exposure latitude and won't blow out the highlights on a bright day but also keeps detail in the shadows.  It produced some lovely crisp, contrasty tones which means I rarely adjust contrast digitally for this film.  Those tones are also assisted by the smooth sharpness of the film, characteristic of a fine grain.

The majority of these photos were taken on overcast and rainy days.  The light was down a bit but I shot at box speed (100 ISO) and didn't overexpose (as many film photographers will suggest). Still, the low light didn't impact the grain as much as it will on some films

I loaded the film months ago into a Minolta X-700 camera and shot with a Minolta MD 50mm f1.7 prime.  It's a great little lens and has given me some wonderful photos.  Because of Covid-19 isolation I didn't get out to have the film processed and scanned until some of the restrictions were relaxed a bit.  When I got the film and scans back, it was sorta like unwrapping presents at Christmas and getting a nice surprise on seeing how well it had gone.

Most of these photos were taken on Lunchtime Safaris, as I call them.  I go out with my camera at lunch and go for a walk.  Some were taken on an 'introduction to society' day out with our new Schnoodle puppies Archie and Daisy.  They were very well behaved!

Newcastle (Australia), is just a hive of building activity at the moment.  Cranes dot our cityscape for new buildings going up everywhere.  Roads are blocked off for the upgrading of utilities for the new buildings and there are really cool big boys toys working on clearing out old buildings to make way for the new.  Happy to say though that, for most buildings, the facade of the older building is being kept to maintain the heritage look of the CBD, which is great.

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Breakfast at Cafe Inu with my daughter one morning.  Egg & Bacon Roll and Cappuccino!

Cafe Inu at Carrington.

Daisy & Archie had so much fun on their 'Introduction to Society' day out.  They are
Schnoodles (Schnauzer X Poodle) and were 17 weeks old in this photo.

When I walk through the City Arcade in Hunter Street, it's like going back in time!

The old Signal Box building has been turned into a restaurant.  Haven't eaten there yet but
it is on the list.  I do have a photo of the Signal Box when the heavy rail
ran into town and I will post a before and after story one of these days!

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Minolta X-700 and Fuji Superior 100

I finally got out to my lab and dropped off a couple of films I'd had hanging around since the beginning of the year.

I'm pretty proud of myself for handling the anxiety of having these films sit on my desk, teasing me, begging me..... to be taken out for development and scanning throughout the period of Covid-19 isolation!

Finally, I considered that it had to be done; and thus it was!

These are taken from a trip we had to Coffs Harbour just before the Public Health Isolation orders were put in place.  We scraped in by the skin of our teeth!

Most of these are from the town of Bellingen; one of the great little places on the Waterfall Way in NSW.  Different styles of architecture, a lovely leafy town with the Bellinger River running through it.  A buzzing  little town showcasing both older and newer alternate lifestyles.

Following the Waterfall Way east will lead you onto Ginnagay Way which took us down to Urunga, another beautiful small town south of Coffs Harbour.  It has the cleanest looking caravan park we have ever seen!  It also has a great boardwalk from the town, along the water where the Bellingen River meets the Kalang River before they both flow out to sea.  The boardwalk is built over the wetlands where the two rivers meet, and takes walkers out to the headland where the river joins the sea.  It is a little over a 1 kilometre walk and is well worth the effort!  If you walk along there at low tide there are thousands of tiny blue Soldier Crabs that will come out to greet you as you walk along!  I did write about them in a previous blog post where I showcased my new Canon 90D camera.  Be sure to check out that post as well!

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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Life in Isolation

I had been getting withdrawal symptoms from my photography whilst in isolation.  It hasn't exactly been 100% isolation mind you; my real job is with a NSW Government Emergency Service and I am still working.  

In my time at home I have taken photos of the garden and have been revisiting archives to rework some older files from a few years ago.

I have got a few films to have developed and scanned also.  An expired Fuji Velvia in 120 (which I have to post off to get done)  a Fujicolor Superia 100 and an AGFA APX 100 black and white.  I am not sure if my Lab is taking any orders (mind you I have not phoned them to find out ; that might help do you think?  hahahaha)  I have a Fujicolour Superia 800 in my Canon 300V to complete but the bloody batteries went flat and I don't have any spares.  I think I'll have to do a little trip for those.

One thing that being in isolation has taught me.  In future, I need to drag myself out of bed early to catch the Sunrises and plan evenings out for the Sunsets a lot more!  This was the year that I wanted to start some night shots of the Milky Way and after hours street photography too.  I guess it is not the middle of the year yet so 'hopefully' I will be able to fulfil those wants before the year is out.

I'm always browsing Facebook Marketplace and Gum Tree for film cameras but I have noticed that since this bloody virus has been out and about, there are not many film cameras going up on line in the local area.  Probably a good thing because I need to re-arrange the camera room a little.  Once I see how much cupboard space I have spare, I will consider the need to fill it with something interesting!

In the meantime, here are some of the photos that I have taken recently and some that I have re-worked from the archives.

I hope you're all well and healthy.  Look after each other!

These photos are © Copyright Life with Jordy Photography
All Rights Reserved

From the Archives - Gregadoo, just outside Wagga Wagga during the last drought. This was a
stinking hot afternoon.  I had taken one of my daughters for a driving lesson and, of course, I always
took my camera with me.  

Above and below - Mount Sugarloaf from our frontyard.  Very low cloud hanging around on this day.
Taken with my Canon 90D and a Canon EF 300mm zoomed right out which actually gave me a 
focal length of 480mm on the APSC camera.

From the Archives - The Bogey Hole - Newcastle, Australia.  11 years ago I didn't have much access to editing
software as I have today.  This one came up a treat! 

One needs plenty of Coffee whilst in isolation!

From the Archives - a 1935 Alvis interior.  Re-editing in Lightroom and the Nik Collection
Colour Efex Pro software has really highlighted the vintage interior of this car!

From the Archives - I really love this photo of a shift worker getting a bite to eat at Harrys
Cafe de Wheels in Newcastle.  I was out for a walk in my meal break as well one nightshift
when I took this.

A Newcastle Lunch Hour

I work in Newcastle (my paid job!)  About 5 mins walk away is the Newcastle Beach.  The best spot to go to for a sojourn out of the low li...