Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Who needs an alarm clock when u have Barney?

Barney at Wangi Wangi fetches the frisbee thrown into the Lake.

Barney sleeps inside and wakes at 5am or thereabouts.  He is well house trained and lets us know that he needs to go out!!   After that he may go back to sleep for a little while but about 6.30am he thinks that everyone else should be up!!   It's not actually that bad because I like to get up early and get things done in the early part of the day.   It can be a bit rough though cos he will jump on the bed and give a huge slurping kiss to an unsuspected bald head but, I always wake up laughing!!   This morning I let Kim sleep in and grabbed a book to read whilst the house was quiet.   Barney has certainly missed the kids who were away this long weekend.  They returned yesterday and this morning he has been sniffing at bedroom doors and having a little cry because he would love to get in and jump all over them whilst they were in bed!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Stockton Wetlands HDR

Taken with my Wide Angle lens, this is a HDR of 5 exposure bracketed shots and processed in PhotoMatix. I love the colours and the tones produced by the HDR!

Stockton Wetlands Accommodation

As the sun went further down in the west, the water birds began to flock in. The Pelicans, being the bigger birds, got the penthouse accommodation at the Oyster Farm!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Stockton Wetlands Sunset

Just over the Stockton Bridge at Fern Bay is the Stockton Wetlands on the Hunter River. It's a beautiful area that attracts water birds and is dotted with small mangrove type islands. This is the smallest 'island' . In the background is the Kooragang Coal Loaders. The sunset was glorious as it created this wonderful golden colour.

Stockton Wetlands Sunset

This is a panoramic consisting of 3 shots from my wide angle lens! Photoshop has done a great job of stitching them together considering the wide angle curve that is inherent when using those type of lenses. The poles sticking up out of the water marks the boundary of the Stockton Oyster Farm. I must go slightly further north to Fullerton Cove where I think there will be heaps more to capture!

Stockton Wetlands - The Smallest island.jpg

This small mangrove island reminds me of a Bonsai tree.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sailing the Tweed

Sailing the Tweed by Life with Jordy
Sailing the Tweed, a photo by Life with Jordy on Flickr.

I have been too busy to get out and capture new stuff so I availed myself of an on-line tutorial on working with layers in PhotoShop. I re-visited this older photo I took some years ago and really like the 'splash of colour' effect!

WANTED – 1 New Body


As long as it is in better condition than mine at the moment!!   I went walking the other day after we had had some light rain.   Neighbours drive down the hill is a painted driveway and as soon as my foot touched it I went arse over tit!   I’ve bruised all my ribs and it hurts like shit to cough, sneeze and laugh!!   Grow old gracefully?……bullshit…..nuthin’ graceful about me fallin’ over the other day  hahahaha!!!   I guess at least I still have my sense of humour!   Winking smile

Poor Kim is in the same boat sort of.   She was walking Barney the day before yesterday and he hasn’t quite learned how to walk at a normal pace yet.   He walks like a bull at a gate and goes off in every direction; have nose with travel!!   Kim has had a sore neck for the last cuppla days and we think she may have strained a muscle from trying to keep Barney on a close leash!   I hope he will pick it up soon though, he is growing quick and he will be a handful on the leash at full size!!

Kasey is home crook today.   There is a stomach bug thingy going around her workplace.   She was up all night and had to take the day off today.   Her boss phoned and told her to take tomorrow off as well because one of the other staff members has come down with the same bug!   One of the joys of working in child care I guess! 

We are so proud of Kasey; she works long hours and then comes home to do her assignments for her traineeship.   On top of that there are extra mandatory training sessions that she has to attend every so often at the training rooms so she has heaps on her plate at the moment.

Rhiannan is going camping over the Easter long weekend!   This will be a new experience for her!  

Lachlan and his girlfriend Naomi have been getting around a bit.   A cuppla weeks ago they spent the weekend in Sydney and then spent another weekend in the Blue Mountains.   

                                                         1st colour experiment

I have been taking advantage of the many photography tutorial sites on the web.   I save the page and then visit it at my leisure.   The last one I visited was about creating layers for photos and adding colour to black and white photos.   Here is an example of one of my experiments.  

Kim and I will have the place to ourselves this Easter long weekend!   Kasey will be with Matt in QLD, Lachlan will be visiting Naomis’ family in Crescent Head and Rhiannan will be camping.    Looking forward to a peaceful weekend!   Hhmmmm……I’ll have to plan a romantic dinner menu!!

I guess I should blog a little more often than what I do.   That way I don’t have to catch up with too much stuff since the last one!!

Hope you’re all well!

Lurv to all