Friday, 10 April 2009

Status Update

Hi everyone!

Well.....where to start?

Kim & I, along with Lachlan and Kasey, took another trip up to Newcastle. We werent looking at houses with a view to buy, specifically, but wanted to confirm the suburbs we thought were the best to buy in.

We did take in some open houses that we had bookmarked on the internet, and glad we did. Photos on the net are so deceiving sometimes!

One particular suburb, Cameron Park, had caught our eye. Houses looked the same as anything you would get in Tatton or Bourkelands here in Wagga even though prices were just a little higher. Anyway, we got there and was surprised to find sooo much grafitti on every second light pole, every sign and even houses that had retaining walls or small garden walls out the front had not escaped. It turns out that the area we were looking at borders on a suburb called Edgeworth, which is a housing commission suburb; not that there is anything wrong with that but it does come with its bigger share of hoodlums and hooliganism, which is taken to the nicer suburb next door. Scratch that one!!

We had confirmed that our fav suburbs are on the eastern shores of Lake Macquarie from Belmont up to Speers Point, including Valentine, Croudace Bay, Eleebana and Warners Bay. These suburbs are a little more expensive again, but we are determined not to sacrifice our quiet, leafy lifestyle we enjoy in Wagga. These suburbs are only 2 mins from the lake shores and 15 mins away from the nearest beach, so we are nicely positioned between huge salt water lake and beaches! The air up there is wonderful, it's not dry and dusty like Wagga. You can drink the moisture on the morning air and smell the freshness.

It rains a lot more up there, but the good thing about that is; no water restrictions and the place looks wonderfully GREEN!!

We had a very good open house on Saturday. 8 groups came through and 1 group came back for a second look yesterday (Thurs). I think fate stepped in because, we weren't due to return from Newcastle til Thurs, but came back on the Wednesday because we had basically achieved what we had set out to do. At 1pm on Thurs the Real Estate agent phoned to say that someone wanted a second look before Easter so, we cancelled all plans and got to work. There were still suitcases everywhere, washing piled up in the laundry etc etc (u know what it's like when u just get back from a week away) I have to say though that it wasnt all that bad. Rhiannan had stayed here by herself while the rest of us were up north and had kept the place looking good. We were very proud of her, it was the first time she had stayed at home by herself for a length of time. She kept the place looking good and baked biscuits and tarts for us all!

Speaking of Rhiannan, she has finished her traineeship and now is the proud recipient of a Cert III in Hospitality Operations.

Getting back to the people who came thru the house is looking very promising, they love the place!! He has said to the agent that they dont have to sell their place (which is also on the market) to buy ours but, if they can sell first then that is the way they would like to do it. We are hoping for a 4-6 week settlement if things start to move.

We are so over all this crap!! It's really draining to have your life in limbo waiting waiting waiting, the constant anticipation that each day might see us finally move on.

It will be great to finally settle into our new place, put our feet up and pour that celebratory glass of wine and toast our new beginning.

Luv to all