Saturday, 8 August 2009


Yes Folks,

After months of HUGE stress and frustration we have finally moved into our home
in Cameron Park (Lake Macquarie City Council area).

Although we have unpacked the majority of our stuff, it still lies around the house
awaiting a final destination!!! Some of if it will not be unpacked; much more economical for storage!

It has been great here thus far....I keep boasting of the weather; 21 degrees today! No way in hell I am gonna miss those freezing Wagga winters OR the stinkin hot summers!

Lachlan and Kasey have got their transfers to Woolworths at the Glendale shopping centre and have started work already. Poor Lachlan has had a relapse of his Tonsilitis however and has not been too good. Rhiannan is a lady of leisure for a little while until we can get her used to the different driving conditions up here (she has only had her P's for 6 months).

Kim n I are well and busy sorting out places for the furniture to go and then the next project will be a new kitchen. The kitchen we have is ok but doesnt feel very functional so we have decided to gut it and start again. We will also be repainting at some stage; something that suits our style and will put our touch to this house.

Work is really great! Although very similar to Wagga, it is busier and I welcome the challenge of learning new areas and some new practices. The people at work are good and have been patient and friendly with the 'newbie' from the country!! LOL !!

Well, that's it for now. I can't wait to get back into my photography and upload some stuff to Flickr from our new location.

Luv to all