Friday, 3 July 2015

Kodak 400 T Max

I was excited to use this film for the first time whilst Kim & I were on holidays in Queensland.

I used the majority of the roll at the Markets in Redcliffe.  I love to take photos at markets; it is a cosmopolitan atmosphere of people from everywhere wandering around browsing the stalls, excited kids, bright colours, music, the smells of exotic food cooking, dogs enjoying a day out; it is a street photographers dream!

The rest of the roll I shot whilst on a photo walk along the Hunter Street Mall and Newcastle Beach during a lunch break.

This film surprised me because I had expected a grainier finish to it but, in fact, it has a soft grain finish and has given me some lovely sharp images.  Looking at the photos of the Markets, it has shown a very nice tonal range of the colours into monochrome.  It was also perfect for the Hunter St Mall shots on a cold and gloomy winters day.

Now that I know just how good it is, I might make it a regular along with the Fuji Acros 100 that I use regularly.  I have a roll of Fuji Acros 100 in the Emi K 35mm viewfinder SLR (see my last post). That film is almost finished and I will post its' outcome on here shortly.

I have also been working on a family project too; stay tuned for more on that!

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Look at this dog!  He sits patiently outside his shop in the Hunter Street Mall and watches humanity pass him
 by.  His name is Woody and he has his own Instagram Page @WoodyBalboa.  Often I have walked past, only
 to have him get up and wander back inside before I could get the shot.  I got the shot this time and, also got a
 selfie into the bargain too! 
Newcastle, Australia.

Dogs just love the Markets!  Redcliffe, Australia.

Some very friendly vendors at the Redcliffe Markets.  Mathieu d'Argent is a Tea Specialist 
(view Mathieus' website at  Unfortunately, I did not obtain the name 
of the young lady.  They liked the fact that I still shoot with film too! 
Redcliffe, Australia.

Although this would have looked very impressive in colour, I love the tones that have come out in B&W.  Great shapes as well.  Redcliffe, Australia.

There is some fantastic building art around Newcastle.  This one in Bolton St on the side of the car park looks
 amazing!  Redcliffe, Australia.

This was such a cold and dreary day.  The Kodak 400 T Max has caught this perfectly.
Newcastle, Australia.

Trees look great in winter!  Newcastle, Australia.

Captured these two as they walked into the sunlight that shone out between the high rise buildings along the 
foreshore of Newcastle Beach.  Newcastle, Australia.

Quick trip to Brisbane.

Hit Brissy up last weekend.  My Niece was getting married and it was a family get together that I did not want to miss out on!  She looked ...