Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fuji Colour C200 - 35mm Film

Originally, I had this film loaded into another camera!

Unfortunately that EmiK 35mm (with its Fujiyama Eminent 50mm f2.8 lens) had a problem winding the film on and some of the film was scrunched up inside the camera.

I took out the roll, cut off the scrunched up bit and then loaded the rest into my Kodak Retinette 1A.  A lovely little 35mm camera, the Kodak is about as old as I am (that's enough of that sniggering please!) being manufactured between Oct 1959 to Feb 1961.  (Oh! it's actually younger than me....)

This is the first colour film I have used in this camera and it has come out looking great!  

Not only that but the 50mm Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar f3.5 lens is nice and sharp and is still working wonderfully.

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Off to a good start!

Here we are; 14 days into the new year and so far...... so good.

I dropped off the first two of hopefully many films this year, to my Lab yesterday.  Film will be ready on Monday but I am working dayshift on Monday and Tuesday at my real job so I won't be able to pick up until Wednesday.  Sometimes the suspense nearly kills me just waiting to pick it up!

I'd had a Fuji C200 sitting in my Kodak Retinette 1A for some months now.  Not a full roll of film though, I rescued about 30 frames from a film that had become scrunched up in another camera earlier in 2016.  Cut off the scrunched up bit and loaded it into the Kodak.  That will be a little surprise package.

This is my Kodak Retinette 1A.  A lovely little camera.  Nice size and in such good condition for it's age.  This camera is almost as old as me, being produced from October 1959 to February 1961.  It came with a 50mm f3.5 lens.  I would love to use it for portraits with that lens but if I opened up the lens to f3.5, I don't have the shutter speed to match; top shutter speed is only 1/250.  I may have to search for a ND filter that will allow me to have the aperture wide open and keep the shutter speed at 1/250 or less.

The other film I put into the Lab is a Kodak Portra 160.  I used this film to test out a Minolta X700 35mm camera that have been given to me by a friend from my workplace.  

There is a story to that camera.

In mid December, I put some film into the black & white Lab run by Les Porter.  He asked me if I owned a Minolta (which I do - Konica-Minolta Dynax 40).   He then proceeded to give me 3 Minolta lenses; an MD 28-70 f3.5-4.8, an MD 50mm f1.7, a Tokina SD 70-200mm f4-5.6 and, a 2X MX Macro Teleplus MC7 Converter!  Les often has people give him older cameras and lenses that they do not want anymore.  He said that he would not use them and that they would probably fit my Minolta.

 Well..... I was very happy!   However, they did not fit my Minolta Dynax 40.   I started Googling for information about the lenses and found which cameras they would fit.  I put up a facebook status about my lens good fortune and mentioned the cameras I would now be searching eBay for.  One of the girls I work with replied and said that she had an older Minolta and I was more than welcome to it (you know me - I just love to rescue older film cameras!)  Anyway, she brought it into work and it was exactly one of the cameras I was searching for - a Minolta X700.

I was a bit concerned at first because the film wind on lever would not work and seemed to get stuck at one third of its full opening arc.  Not only that but the shutter release button seemed to be stuck as well.  Turns out that the X700 takes small batteries and the shutter is battery powered.  If the shutter won't open, the film will not wind on either.  The batteries it uses are very common and in no time I had the film wind on going to the end of its arc and the camera working perfectly.  This camera has the sweetest shutter sound of any other camera I have used!

So, on Wednesday I'll get to see the results from these two rolls!

Another thing I am excited about is the purchase of a Canon EF 85mm f1.8 USM portrait lens!

My camera is a cropped sensor - Canon 600D.

At first I was eyeing off the EF-S 60mm f1.8 lens.  It was made for my cropped sensor camera and is also a macro lens as well as a portrait lens.  But, the more I delved into portrait lenses and read a number of reviews, the more it became apparent that I would be better off with the full frame EF 85mm f1.8.  It would work on my 600D, it would work on my Canon 300V (love that camera!) and, eventually when I do upsize to a full frame camera, I would not have to purchase lenses.  In fact from now on, all my lens purchases are going to be full frame.  

I am also going to try and make this 'blog year' where I post a little more often than every 2-3 weeks.

We'll see how that goes!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016 - The year that was.....

So, here I am again in another new year revisiting what happened in the previous year.

Wow!  Didn't that go fast!

I had plans in 2016 for my photography; go further afield for my photo safaris, purchase a film scanner (so at least I could have a little more control over the end product) and, purchase myself another medium format film camera.

The year turned out busier than I thought and so, here I am in 2017 saying that THIS YEAR...... (hopefully - heh heh.....)  I'll get that film scanner and another medium format film camera!

Here is a selection of what I got up to in 2016.

I am always looking for subjects that would make great long exposure photos.  Boats are pretty difficult because the longer the exposure, the more movement is evident.  I visited Carrington Marina in Newcastle, NSW for this shot which is actually 2 long exposure shots merged into the one High Dynamic Range photo.

These two photos (above & below) are taken from a project I am still working on entitled 'Bridges of the Hunter Valley'.  I intend to do more safari work on this project this year.

The thing about driving around the countryside looking for subjects is that, once you have seen a great subject you must find a place to do a u-turn and then find a safe parking spot on the side of the country road that gives sufficient room, not only to park the car but to walk around getting different angles.  This 1950s Commer caught my eye whilst on safari in the Clarencetown area.

This (above) is one of my favs from 2016.  The streetlight caught the Newcastle War Memorial creating some great light and shadow.  This was a long exposure, designed to soften the cloudy sky in the background against the sharpness of the subject.   On the same night I wandered down to Port Hunter to get some more long exposures along the Harbour Foreshore (see below).  Lovely still water reflecting the lights from the restaurants and pub at Queens Wharf, Newcastle.

Very happy to get some portrait time in for 2016!  Above is Peyton giving an adoring kiss to her new sister Lexi.  I really enjoyed that shoot for a friend of mine!  And speaking of friends, I also did a shoot with these 2 beautiful girls.  I'll be shooting their wedding in February and I am really looking forward to that!

Out and about on safari to the Hunter Valley and I stopped to capture this farmer raking the hay.  This is what I like about photography; the spontaneity of capturing the moment and, the friendliness of the average person who doesn't mind having their photo taken.  At the end of this row he stopped and we chatted for about 15 minutes.  It had been raining for a couple of days beforehand and he said that if it had rained another 8mm then he would not have been able to rake and the hay crop would have been wasted.  Salt of the Earth!

I love street photography!  These photos (above and below) were taken at the Beaumont Street Carnivale in Hamilton.  I had seen the girl with the purple and blue hair previously in the day but wasn't set up for a decent shot.  Later in the day she walked past and I was in a better position to get the shot.  She didn't say a word but smiled as I said 'thank you!'

The beautiful young girl below was more than happy to pose when I approached her for a photo.  She looked lovely and I could have taken more photos of her as she modelled the items from the stall she was working at but she had customers to attend to.

Carnivales, street parades, markets, they all attract so many different people and that is why I love to visit them with my cameras!  This group of buskers was just about to perform at the Beaumont Street Carnivale when I approached them.  Love their enthusiasm!

The small town of Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley puts on a great Nostalgia Festival every year.  The theme covers the late 50s and 60s.  Cars on display, live bands with wooden dance floors set up on the streets, food stalls and markets make for a really great day.  So many people dress up for the occasion as has the beautiful Bonnie von Torque here!

The Hunter Valley is not short of opportunities for some gorgeous landscapes!  This one (above) taken of the Paterson river and paddocks.

I also shot quite a bit of film this year.  Not too much medium format though, probably because I was too interested in trying out the new 35mm cameras I had acquired and been gifted!  Early on in the year I found a great deal on Gumtree for a Canon EOS 300V plus lenses.  It has turned out to be a bargain buy and a great camera.  

One of my work colleagues gave me a Pentax SFXn and lenses also!  He said it had been sitting in his garage for years.  Still worked although the autofocus is a little stiff.  In mid December, I took some film into the lab for development and scanning.  Les asked me if I had a Minolta (which I do) and he gave me 3 lenses and a 2x converter (often, many people offload their older camera gear onto Les because they no longer have a use for it.  In this case, their loss=my gain!  Thanks Les!).  Unfortunately, they did not fit my Minolta and I started searching Gumtree and eBay for a suitable body.  Upon hearing that I was looking for an older model Minolta for the lenses, another work colleague gave me a Minolta X700!  She had not used it for some years.  I replaced the battery and voila; it works perfectly!  There are no photos from the Minolta X700 here because it still has a film in it that I am working on.  Keep an eye on my blog though for when that roll is finished!

Another 35mm film camera that came into my possession is one that I used in 1977 for a High School Art Project.  My brother had bought the EMI K 35mm for my father who was also a keen photographer.  It had been sitting in the cupboard at my old childhood home for years.  My father passed away 20 years ago and last May my mother moved out of the family home into a aged care facility.  The camera re-surfaced again after all those years and I put a roll through it.  Although the wind on lever turns fully to the stop point, the spindle inside does not wind on a full exposure and after a while the film became stuck. Disappointed to say that it is not 100% and I only got a few decent exposures from the roll.  Not sure if it can be repaired but is something to look at for 2017

Below are just some of my film photos from 2016.

Letterboxes - Alderley Lane, Booral, NSW, Australia - Voigtlander Bessa 1 - Fuji NEOPAN Acros 100

Random beautiful girls in the Hunter Street Mall, Newcastle, Australia - Fuji 400 Pro - Canon 300V

The Canoe Pool, Newcastle Beach - Canon 300V - Fuji 400 Pro

Lachlan - Fuji 400 Pro - Canon 300V

3 Beautiful Girls and a Puppy, Newcastle, NSW, Australia - Canon 300V - Kodak Portra 160

Skater Boy - Canon 300V - Fuji Acros 100

The Pedestrian - Newcomen Street, Newcastle - Kodak Ektar 100 - Emi K 35mm

Lunchtime for Sausage Dogs - The Junction, Newcastle - Kodak Ektar 100 -
Emi K 35mm. 

The Resident of 177 - Newcastle, Australia - Fuji Neopan Acros 100 - Pentax A3

Storm Swell - Newcastle, Australia - Pentax A3 - Fuji Neopan Acros 100

The Sun rises on Church St, Newcastle - Pentax SFXn - Fuji NEOPAN Acros 100

The Fenceline - Silo Hill at Stroud, NSW - Pentax SFXn with Fuji NEOPAN Acros 100

One more thing from 2016.  I have been very happy to have been involved in photographing award ceremonies for the Hunter Valley and Central Hunter Local Area Commands for the NSW Police.  These men & women give their utmost for their communities and the least I can do in return is to record them receiving their bravery, long service and other awards in recognition of their efforts.

Well that's a summary of my photography for 2016.  I hope and trust that you all had a safe and happy new year and that 2017 pans out to be a great year for you all!

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