Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nelson Bay Cormorants

Boat harbours are a great place for a photographer to hang out! Ropes hanging everywhere, old tyres on wharfs for buffers, sea birds. There is a great atmosphere surrounding a boat harbour; travel, the sea, adventure....I wanna buy a boat! I love how this photo has turned out. It was sitting in its folder and I hadn't really played with it since it was taken. If there is one thing I have learned from this photo; make notes on workflow! I played with this for some time before it reached this look and I am damned if I can remember what it was that I did to get it looking like this!

Beautiful Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

Beautiful Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia. 8 photos taken in portrait mode and stitched in PSE8. I have been experimenting with my panos lately and have found that using the Interactive Layout option in the stitch options does not give me the keystone effect at each end as I was getting in the Auto option. I have also learned how to adjust each photo once stitched but, before merging layers, so that any exposure or light issues that show the joins of the stitch are eliminated. So far so good!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mad Motorists…………

They drive me CRAZY!!   People who jockey from one lane to the other to gain an advantage of 1 or 2 car lengths ahead.  Are they too stupid to realize that they have only gained 2-3 seconds in time, or is it some inner ‘drive’ [for want of a better word!] that compels them to want to be first in some sort of street race?

They are always 10-15 Km per hour over the speed limit.   Don’t they understand what the numbers printed on roadside signs mean?   I would really like to know their thought processes.   If they are not paying attention to their speedo, then they are probably not paying attention to the person crossing the road, or the fact that the traffic ahead has already come to a stop.   Speaking of coming to a stop, I laugh at people who take off like a bat out of hell at the lights, travel about 500 metres and then come to a screeching stop at the next set whilst I measure my speed and arrive a fraction of a second later with more fuel in my tank and less wear on my brake pads!  

And another thing…..  Once upon a time, the rule was keep left unless overtaking or perhaps turning right.   I’m not sure if a lot of our drivers these days understand the meaning of the right hand lane.   If you do drive cautiously at 10 Km per hour under the speed limit, why are you still in the right hand lane?   Also, if you know you are going to be turning left at the next intersection, what in Gods name are you doing in the right hand lane at the last minute, desperately braking or accelerating and causing havoc because you have not planned more than 2 seconds ahead as you drive?

Mobile phones…..for crying out loud…..get hands free if you have to take that call that just might save the world!   On the way to work last night, followed by a middle aged female [green P plates].   Nearly ran up my butt because she was texting at each stop!   I watched her at the next set of lights after I had stopped.   She slowed down for the lights but before the car came to a final stop she was looking down texting!   My daughters last car was written off by a female driver on a mobile phone who didn’t notice that the line of traffic in front of her had stopped.

We have had quite a lot of rain recently here but, do you think that makes a difference?

Chill out people, wind down the window and smell the dinner cooking as you drive past the houses, be courteous, it’s not gonna cost you anything and, it might save your life!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Beach Trail - Redhead

At the end of the boardwalk, this sandy trail takes you down to the beach. The plants grow over in an arch which keeps the sand lovely and cool underfoot.

Redhead Beach Dunes

Redhead Beach Dunes by Life with Jordy

Redhead Beach Dunes, a photo by Life with Jordy on Flickr.
There are lovely dunes at Redhead. They are a conservation area in an attempt to get the local beach flora to spread, thereby keeping erosion of the sand area at bay. There are raised boardwalks to keep the public from walking over the plants and the whole area is wonderful!

Redhead Conservation Boardwalk

It's a great walk on the boardwalk around Redhead.