Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sunrise - Newcastle Baths

After I finished my night shift this morning, I walked out to a lovely day. It dawned on me that I had my camera with me and it was too good a chance to miss out on [considering I was already up at that hour !] I wandered down to the wading pool and the ocean baths and got some great photos. I was amazed at the number of people out and about; I guess it is coming up to Summer and the weather was beautiful on the beach with a slight breeze!

Sunrise - John Fletcher Park

This was the sight that greeted me walking out of work, prompting me to go for a wander with the camera! A 3 exposure HDR taken in John Fletcher Park. My work is located in such a horrible location........NOT !

Newcastle Wading Pool

The seagulls were abundant in the Wading Pool this morning! It was quite funny because they were standing in water up to their knees [do they have knees??] and the majority of them were asleep with their heads tucked underneath their wings! This panoramic taken with 4 photos and processed in Photoshop Elements with a slight cooling filter applied.

Newcastle Wading Pool

This is a stock standard photo for anyone visiting the wading pool at Newcastle Beach. I must visit one sunset and get one from the other perspective!

Newcastle Beach Panorama

I am really really happy with the way this one has turned out!! This is a HDR Panoramic taken using 3 exposure shots for each individual photo and 5 individual photos were used to make up the panorama! 15 photos in here! It was such a beautiful morning.

Newcastle After Dark

This is the reason that I had my camera with me in the first place. I wanted to get a night time panorama. This is 3 merged photos and a slight cooling filter applied. So much to capture and not enough hours in the day!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wangi Wangi Power Station

This is a derelict Power Station at Wangi Wangi on the shores of Lake Macquarie. Cant get access inside the security fence [DAMN!] so had to put up with photos from outside although, I must say, I am pretty happy with the way they have turned out. This photo was taken from the corner of Summerhill Drive and Wangi Point Road. A 5 exposure HDR - I am very happy with the way this has turned out! There was a slight breeze blowing and so I caught some tree movement but I think this adds something to the photo overall. I find it a little annoying that I cannot set my camera to automatic exposure bracketting whilst in RAW format, so I have to set each exposure value after each photo. I love my camera but it takes a cuppla seconds to write to the card in RAW format also.

Wangi Wangi Power Station

I wandered around the neighbourhood to try and get a view of the 3 big stacks at the abandoned Power Station. Walking thru the bowling club carpark, there was a footpath to a footbridge that goes over the Wangi Wangi Creek that has been 'amended' to this concrete culvert type drain. I took this photo from the middle of the footbridge. This is a 3 exposure HDR taken with my Wide Angle lens, hence the distance perspective is a little out!

Wangi Wangi Power Station

This is basically the same shot as before except this is taken without the Wide Angle lens and I have zoomed up to fit in more detail. A 3 exposure shot HDR.

Wangi Wangi Power Station

This is one I am very happy with. There are 12 photos in this merged Panoramic! 4 photos that make up the pano and each photo is 3 exposure shots to get the HDR effect. I am very disappointed that I couldnt get closer to the building to get some detailed shots but security is pretty tight. This old Power Station is to be pulled down in six months time to make way for a new shopping centre and sub-divided into residential blocks. I would have loved to get inside and snap off some shots!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It’s Raining Again……….


Yep, it’s raining again!   Not that I mind today because I will be back in bed in a cuppla hours before a nightshift!   I do hope that it stops on Friday though because I have 6 days off and have a fair bit to do outside!

I am typing this blog entry into a new programme that came along with my last Windows Update……’s called Windows Live Writer.   It is a programme that enables me to link from the programme to my blog but gives a few more options than the blog programming e.g. different fonts, emoticons, insert maps, and even Excel type tables!   Once I have typed in all the stuff I need I simply hit the publish button and PRESTO, it should appear in my blog!   It remains to be seen however, just how the fonts and the other stuff translate to the blog and to Facebook.

I have also set up my blog and my Flickr to automatically update into my Facebook Profile.   This is good and saves multiple copying and pasting of links and texts back and forth.  

And a Kasey update…..she is loving the new job at the Day Care Centre!   We’re so proud of her!

Anyway, time for a coffee and maybe pick up a book!


Hot smile

Thursday, 25 November 2010

So Much to See !!

Kim and I went for a drive today to check out some of the places we have not seen yet.

Originally planning to check out Kaseys new work place, we drove around Arcadia Vale and Wangi Wangi, me getting some great photos and both of us enjoying a Hamburger with the WORKS at Wangi in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Macquarie.   It was a massive hamburger but was well worth the paunchy stomach afterwards!   Buuurrrrrppp!  Whilst we were sitting there filling our faces, one of the kids playing in the water yelled out 'Stingray".   There was a stingray swimming close to the Lake shore!   I didn't think that something like that would come in so close to the shore or, even be seen in the lake!  

We keep pinching ourselves to think that we now live up here in such a great place where there is heaps to do and the distances are not too far to travel to get there and do it!

Kaseys 21st party went off without a hitch.   The girl who 'accidentally' ruined the surprise and her bitchy friend didnt show up at all after the disappointment they caused but hey; their loss!   It was wonderful to share it with old friends who came up from Wagga Wagga, Canberra and also some new friends from the Newie area!

Kasey also a new job now.   She has a Cert III Traineeship in Child Care at a centre in Arcadia Vale.   It is exactly what she has been looking for to get out of the Woolworths rut she found herself in.   It was advertised on Saturdays paper for interested persons to phone, she phoned and got an interview on Monday, trial on Tuesday.   She got the call on Tuesday arvo and started on Wednesday morning!   Wow, that was quick!   As soon as she found out on Tuesday arvo, she had a letter of resignation typed and handed it in about half an hour later to Woolies!

Lachlan is not moving out anymore.   The rental situation up here is a little ridiculous.   Landlords are asking nearly $400 per week for places that are little more than dumps in some cases, and there are so many people lining up to try and grab them.   Lachlan also did some sums on his budget and actually found that after he pays rent and all the other stuff that goes with being independant, he will not actually have very much left!   He has always wanted to travel and so with that in mind he is staying at home, where his dream of travelling the world can actually become a reality!

I have had a cuppla weeks off work which has been a good escape for a little while.   We have a rubbish pickup coming up in a week or so and I have to get all the rubble and stuff from our bathroom reno out onto the nature strip for the Council to pick up.   Once that is done, we will continue with the painting of the inside of the house which is the last of the big projects.   After that, we will have all the time in the world to enjoy the beach and the lake to our hearts content!

Kimbo has been a bit crook [poor darlin'] with a very bad sore throat and headaches.   Doc put her on antibiotics and they have kicked in now and she is much better.   Rhiannan has been working, partying and hangin out with her besty Anita!

The photo that is with this blog today is Kim at the wharf behind the Wangi Wangi Workers Club in Arcadia Vale.   We had such a fantastic day just exploring and enjoying beautiful Lake Macquarie!

Til Next time.....Take care everyone........



Lake Macquarie Panorama

4 photo panorama taken from Dobell Park at Wangi Wangi. We actually saw a sting ray swimming very near the waters edge. I was surprised because I wasnt aware that such sea creatures came into the lake so close to shore.

Wangi Wangi Panorama # 2

Looking along the shores of Lake Macquarie from Dobell Park at Wangi Wangi. Kim n I had the best hamburger for lunch in the park from the local take away shop. What a beautiful day.

Wangi Wangi Panorama

Here is a Panoramic shot of the Wharf behind the Wangi Wangi Workers Club on Lake Macquarie. 3 photos stitched together. There were lots of boats on the Lake today as you can see in the background. A lovely cool breeze was blowing across the lake which was great on a warm day!

Wangi Wangi

Wangi Wangi
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
This is the wharf behind the Wangi Wangi Workers Club on Lake Macquarie. Spoke to the Captain of this particular vessel who has a mooring on the Lake and it appears that he just moves around the Lake at his pleasure, living onboard. What a great life!

Sailing Lake Macquarie

Today was such a beautiful day on the Lake at Arcadia Vale ! A wonderful breeze enticed heaps of boats out and they were having a great time! Used a slight Sepia effect on this photo.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Ettalong Beach Panorama

Taken from the Public Wharf off Ferry Road Ettalong Beach. File from RAW format original.

Wagstaffe Panorama

Wagstaffe Panorama
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
From the Ettalong Beach Public Wharf looking across Booker Bay to Wagstaffe. These villas look brilliant! A 3 exposure shot HDR produced with Photoshop Elements 8.

Booker Bay in HDR

Booker Bay in HDR
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
This is a 5 exposure shot HDR. Tip for HDR on boats....although it may not look like it at first move!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Off to see the whales!!

I won a whale watching trip from Ettalong Beach thru a work raffle!  How cool is that?!   Kim and I are spending a cuppla nights at Terrigal on the Central Coast and off to visit our undersea mammalian cousins.  Camera battery charged up and waiting!   Hoping to make good the luck cycle, I have also just entered us in a comp thru Norton Computer Security to win a Holden Cruze - cross ya fingers!

We have all been well; a few minor health issues though - I have to have an xray on my shoulder.   I think I may have arthritis cos it plays up in wet cold weather but we will see.   Bloody annoying when trying to sleep though!

We had a huge garage sale a few weeks ago and managed to get rid of some of the bigger items that have been crowding the garage.   We still CANT get the car in there but we are gradually getting very close!   

Islington Rail Crossing
We have been having some great rain here but it only means that the grass is getting longer and I havent been able to get out to mow it!   The lawn is looking excellent and I only mentioned to Kim today that I am so glad we laid the turf and got rid of the scoria rocks and all of those shrubs that had been put in.   The ensuite has finally been finished and looks great.  We just have to finish painting inside now and then we can be 'people of leisure' - hahaha.

Lachlan is still looking for a house to rent with his mate David.   Getting a rental here is very difficult; some of them are run down and the landlords want a motza for them.   The boys want a house with a yard so they can entertain and have BBQs; a great Aussie tradition!   And Lachlan is getting to be quite a dab hand at cooking on one also.

Kasey will be 21 on the 15th Nov.   Mind you, she has had the key of the door for quite a few years now!

Islington Junction Box
Rhiannan is very excited about the tickets to a Linkin Park concert coming to Newcastle.   So many more entertainers come to here than what we saw in Wagga Wagga!

Kim and I went on a day trip to Dungog the other day [see previous photos] - God, it  is such lovely country out that way and there is plenty more to be seen!

I have put on some photos I took the other day when Kasey and I went out exploring.   It was an off the cuff trip but proves that sometimes, before going on a photo shoot, one needs to do some recon work to save on time!   These are the only 2 that I was really happy with, but it was a fun afternoon!

Until next time............


Sunday, 31 October 2010

James Theatre Community Centre - Dungog

In the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, there is the geat little town of Dungog. Apart from the beautiful buildings from the late 1800s and the very tidy cottages that make up this picturesque Hunter Valley getaway, it is also the home to the Dungog Film Festival. It takes place over four days and some of the proceeds go towards preserving the James Theatre. It is held annually and is open to Australian filmmakers only. The festival is a non-competitive, four-day cultural event that showcasts exclusively the Australian movies from the past, present and future. The types of films showcased at the Dungog festival include feature films, short films, television pilots, short documentaries, feature documentaries, music videos and In The Raw script submission for television series, miniseries and feature films scripts. This theatre was first opened by James Stuart in 1913. Originally an open air theatre, it was roofed by 1914. In order to accommodate "talkie" movies and to provide a dance facility, Stuart commissioned major reconstruction works that commenced in 1930. It is the oldest purpose-built cinema still operating in Australia.

Dungog Picture Theatre

Dungog Panorama

Dungog Panorama
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
Dungog is certainly a lovely town and surrounded by the greenest rural landscape!

Dungog National Australia Bank - 1884

Dungog 1884

Dungog 1884
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
In the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, there is the geat little town of Dungog. Apart from the beautiful buildings from the late 1800s and the very tidy cottages that make up this picturesque Hunter Valley getaway, it is also the home to the Dungog Film Festival. It takes place over four days. It is held annually and is open to Australian filmmakers only. The festival is a non-competitive, four-day cultural event that showcasts exclusively the Australian movies from the past, present and future.

The former CBC [Commercial Banking Company of Sydney] Bank, it is now the National Australia Bank.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Kooragang from Stockton

This is my first attempt at a Panoramic Merge using Photoshop Elements 8. It has turned out pretty good I think! I discovered though, that in order to tweak levels and apply a burn tool that it has to be done in each of the individual layers. Each tweak has to be exactly the same so that the end product does not appear disjointed. Cant wait til my next Panoramic project!!

Stockton Bridge

Stockton Bridge
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
It was an overcast day on Friday - perfect for some black and white! I now always shoot in RAW format and, even if I want a B&W outcome, I still shoot in colour. I find that gives me more options when developing the final product.

The Secret

The Secret
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
I had an idea for this scene as I took it. As soon as I saw how it had turned out, I knew it would look great in black and white with the infra red filter applied. A little burn work on the clouds and the sinister look was complete. What are they doing behind the security fence??

Hunter River & Stockton Bridge

This was one of a set of 5 exposures that I had intended to use for a HDR. However, it was blowing a gale and there was just the slightest of camera movement between each shot which ruined any idea of a merge into HDR. I adjusted the midtone highlights in this one and really liked the outcome.

Solid Fill River Bank

This place on the banks of the Hunter River at Stockton appeared to be a dump for solid waste. Old bricks, pavers, broken up concrete, roof name it and it was here. Provided a nice texture and colour for the photo though! Wide angle Lens.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Newcastle After Dark - City Hall

More of the driveway at City Hall. This was taken using a Wide Angle lens and is a HDR of 5 shots.

Newcastle After Dark - Merewether Ocean Baths

One of the places favoured by many local photographers is the Ocean Baths at Merewether! The place is lit up by strong lights and with the still water in front and the sea waves rolling in at the back it certainly makes for some great photos! I don't usually use any special effects in Photoshop as such. I tried this one to see how it would turn out and I really liked it!

Newcastle After Dark - Merewether Ocean Baths

One of the places favoured by many local photographers is the Ocean Baths at Merewether! The place is lit up by strong lights and with the still water in front and the sea waves rolling in at the back it certainly makes for some great photos!

Newcastle After Dark - Merewether Ocean Baths

One of the places favoured by many local photographers is the Ocean Baths at Merewether! The place is lit up by strong lights and with the still water in front and the sea waves rolling in at the back it certainly makes for some great photos!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fender 12 String

Fender 12 String
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
I bought this beauty in Geelong in 1978. It has certainly seen heaps of action! From being tied down with cargo on Hercules Military Aircraft to the many miles travelled from one gig to another and in the back of many removalist vans and impromptu appearances at HEAPS of parties! It's ok though! I have a hard case for protection!! I recently had the frets replaced and reset, the bridge tightened and the nut replaced as the constant use over the last 32 years had worn these down. It still sounds as beautiful as it did when I first got it!

Martinez Roundback 6 String

A few years ago I decided that I needed to get a 6 string as well. But I didnt just want any 6 string, I wanted a roundback because I really like the resonance that is peculiar to a round back. This Martinez also had an acoustic pick up built in so it can be amplified. It has given me more options in my repertoire than having a 12 string alone.

Martinez Roundback 6 String

My best friend - Fender F-55-12

 This model (so I am told) was the first to be built for Fender in its Japan workshops. At first I was a little disappointed because I had been told that it was the last of the American made models. But my angst was assuaged when I realized that the Japanese have centuries of hands on experience with making acoustic instruments. In 2011 I had to have the bridge and nut replaced and the neck refretted.  The repairer who did the work said that this particular guitar had excellent tone; moreso than many other 12 string he had worked on.

I purchased this beauty from the Troy House of Music in Geelong in 1978.  It has been my constant companion on all my travels.  It has been thrown on the back seat of my car for many a road trip and, tied down with other equipment in the cargo hold of C130 aircraft for a few 'jobs'.  It has been exposed to many a camp fire, livened quite a few parties and, played at many a Pub beer garden in Townsville and surrounds!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Experiments with Photoshop............

I was talking with one of the guys at work the other day about B&W photos that have a splash of colour in them which highlights a subject or a theme.   I found this scanned photo on the computer and started mucking around on Photoshop and came up with this.   This is a photo of Kims Dad, Ken, marching in Sydney on a past ANZAC Day [not sure which year].   He looks so proud in this photo to be there with his mates and hearing the cheers of the onlookers

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Coal Loader

The Coal Loader
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
Here is a wider shot of the Coal Loader which gives some of the perspective of its size.

The Coal Loader

The Coal Loader
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
Newcastle, Australia is a large coal loading port. There is some magnificent machinery that takes the coal from the heap and via a series of conveyer belts get it to the ships that line the coastline waiting to be filled. This is one such beastie that I managed to snap just on sunset yesterday. It is difficult to get into a decent position to get a shot as the whole area is security fenced and there is not that many places to pull over on the very busy road that runs by the facility. I'll just have to do some more recon work and sort it out!

A Jordy Update..........

Well Blog Followers

It certainly has been a mixed bag since last I put tapped the keyboard!

The main bathroom is finished and looks fantastic!   Unfortunately, the ensuite is half finished and has been like that for the last 2 weeks whilst we await our tiler to pull his finger out!   Why do tradies always take on more than they can comfortably achieve and then leave their paying customers to put up with mess and inconvenience????   

It's like Telstra Customer Service persons.  We changed out Bigpond to a faster option and locked in for 2 years because it saved us about $40/month.   We phoned the other day to find out WHY on our last 3 bills, the price had not gone down.   It was because the person we dealt with had not applied the new discounts on our file.   We then found out that we couldnt get that deal anymore as it was a limited offer and they couldnt apply it anymore because the computer system wouldnt recognize it!    SO...... we are now on another deal for $30 less with the fastest ADSL1 speed and a 50Gb download.   Not only that but when they credited us the difference for what we paid extra, it totally paid for our latest bill with some credit left over.   That's not too bad I guess but why cant people seem to get their shit together the first time???

Lachlan & Miranda have gone their separate ways.   Miranda was a lovely girl but at 18 was all ready for marriage.  Lachlan on the other hand, is 22 and still has a heap of things he wants to accomplish before he considers settling down.   My advice to anyone who is considering marriage at that age........ get out and live your stupid things..........visit exciting as much as possible .....learn from good and bad experiences.    Do all of these things before you make a committment for the rest of your life.   Dont live your life in the future with regret for things that you missed out on doing.

I went out last night and managed to get a few good photos of the coal loader in operation on Kooragang Island.   It was a bit difficult to get a good vantage spot because the entire area is fenced off and that makes it difficult for a good position.  If only I could get access to the waterfront then I could get some excellent photos of the huge machines lit up for night with the sunset in the background.  I am gonna have to do some more homework for this and drive around the area to familiarize myself with it.

The rest of the family is doing well, work, eat, sleep etc etc   sometimes that's all there is to life eh?

We had a scare the other day with Kirra our Miniature Fox Terrier.  She seemed to have a tick on her belly which was bleeding.   We called the vet to see her because one has to be careful when removing ticks.   Turns out that it wasnt a tick but a skin lesion.  Possibly some type of BCC.  A bit worrying considering it was a black colour and was bleeding.   She also checked over Kaiser who is 15.5 years old.   She found that he has a heart murmur.   He has not been well lately, eats heaps but is losing weight.   Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for him.  He is on cortizone tablets for another condition and the cortizone is causing the heart problems.......take him off the cortizone and the other problem will be just as bad.   It will be a sad day when he is no longer with us although he is in good spirits and still runs mad occassionally just like he always has.

Anyway, I must go now.   The Jordy Hair Colouring Salon is now - OPEN..................yes Raz   I'm coming now................!!

Luv to all


Monday, 23 August 2010

Early Morning Sunshine

This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind... let it be something good.

Author Unknown

The Boathouse

The Boathouse
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
Great textures in this abandoned boat house on the Lake foreshore in Toronto.

Toronto Sunrise

Toronto Sunrise
Originally uploaded by Life with Jordy
From the East comes the sun,
Bringing a new and unspoiled day.
It has already circled the Earth and
Looked upon distant lands and
Far-away peoples.

It has passed over mountain ranges and
The waters of the seven seas.
It has shown upon laborers in the fields,
Into the windows of homes,
And shops, and factories.

It has beheld cities with gleaming towers,
And also the hovels of the poor.
It has been witness to both good and evil,
The works of honest men and women and
The conspiracy of knaves.

It has seen marching armies, bomb-blasted villages
And "the destruction that wasteth at noonday."
Now, unsullied from its tireless journey,
It comes to us,
Messenger of the morning.
Harbinger of a new day.

"Morning" by Clinton Lee Scott