Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Peyton at 8 weeks.

I haven't really done much portraiture or family work (apart from my own family!) and it's one of those things that I'd like to do a little more often.

As far as family photos go, I'm not much of a formal bloke.  I recall getting some photos taken when our kids were little in a formal studio.  Sit just here, look over this way - SMILE - BIG FLASH - thanks for coming.....  It was all too clinical.

Nope, I prefer to be outdoors with families, chasing kids as they're having fun (or not having fun as the case may be!  haha), catching the elusive fleeting looks as they play and interact with brothers and sisters; just being natural.

There are times when the kids just can't run amok having fun.  One of those times is when you're only 8 weeks old.  That is how it was for this shoot with gorgeous bub Peyton, her whirlwind sister Lexi and, Mum Kayla.

This was a fairly simple shoot, Peyton can't support her head or sit and so we set her up on a white sheet in a bedroom where the light was great!  Watch this space though, Kayla has a few ideas up her sleeve as Peyton and Lexi grow up so there will be more to come!

After I finished the editing for this shoot and was reviewing the photos, I started thinking about what equipment I could use to take it to the next level.  One thing leads to another sometimes.  I find myself online now, looking at softboxes, reflective umbrellas and all the gear I may need to get into the portrait/family photo niche.  

This could get interesting!


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