Thursday, 27 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

Hope u have had a great Christmas and are preparing for a wild entry into the New Year!

My wild entry into 2008 will consist of a can of coke and dinner, followed by a day of sleep on the 1st.........Yes, you guessed it...........I'm working on new years eve!!!!

Never mind. We had a wonderful Christmas here at Jordan Central in Wagga Wagga. Instead of us getting up at an ungodly hour for kids wanting to see if Santa had been, we were woken up to go and pick them up from the Victoria Hotel instead!

We had our cullinary delight for lunch (Prawns, Smoked Salmon and Mackerel, cheese platters, salamis and smoked meats, pate) and some bubbly to wash it down with. Phew, no dinner of course!

Here is a picture of us all before the unwrapping began.

Speak to you all next year!!


The Wagga Jordans!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rhiannan's Year 10 Formal


Rhiannan had her Formal the other night. As you can see she was absolutely beautiful! It went very well and she had a couple of friends over after it finished. After the debacle of the school excursion, she was not keen to go to the after party.

Here she is in her dress, looking great.

She didn't have a partner but her friend Dimity dressed up and went along for the ride for a laugh!! When the car pulled up (Rhiannan has a friend who owns a BMW - he was good enough to take her to the formal), Dimity jumped out and opened the door and helped her out - just like a chaffeur!
Check out the Flickr link on the right to view a photo of Rhiannan with her new car!
By for now - next entry at Christmas
Love to all

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Back Agin!!

Well Rhiannan had fun on her excursion - except for a handful of people who got pissed, invited random boys and girls back to their motel rooms and had a party with grog and bongs! Cant believe some kids; they're on the road to ruin at 16. Luckily Rhiannan was in a room with some quiet girls and none of them were involved in it.

Check out this photo. It was taken about Jan 07 when we sold the Corona after 21 years of faithfull service. We took a photo of all of us, including the dogs. I have touched up the photo, changing it to a duotone sepia and retained some of the original colour. It's a great photo!!

Check out more photos on my Flickr account - follow the link on the right!.

Love to all..........

Friday, 7 December 2007

It's been a while............

Hi everyone,

Yep its been a while since I tapped on the keyboard, been fairly busy!

Just waiting for a phone call from Rhiannan who is on the way back from a school excursion to Sydney. Rhiannan has finished school now and is very excited not to have to worry about all that stuff now! She did apply for a Traineeship with a local motel, but didnt get the job because she is too young (they require someone over 18 to serve alcohol etc). A little disappointing but she got a good wrap from the Motel in regards to her personal presentation and resume. Still, plenty of time to try for something else; she still has her Woolworths job.

Kasey turned 18 since I last blogged. She has been out quite a bit since (the novelty will eventually wear off I think). We're very proud of her; she doesn't make a drunken idiot of herself when out, rather she just takes is slowly and enjoys the time with her friends.

Lachlan has finished his TAFE Diploma. They had a big presentation night where they take all their works and present them to interested members of the public. Lachlan has some excellent work in his portfolio.

Rhiannan has brought a car!! She still doesnt have her learners licence (Jan 02 she'll probably try for it - her 16th birthday). Kim found a car on the net and it was such a good buy that we brought it for her and she will be paying us back. I'll have to post some photos of her with it when we get them.

Kim and I are well, doing the usual stuff and getting ready for Christmas. Our tree is up and decorated and looks great!

Well, Rhiannan has just phoned and the bus is coming into Wagga, so better get me shoes on and pick her up. She'll be tired, not much sleep on school trips and she has to be up early tomorrow for work!

I'll add more later and throw on a photo or 2.

Bi all

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Desperate and Dateless....................

Hi Everyone!

Well, Lachlan and his mate went off to a Desperate and Dateless Ball the other night. I wracked my brain to impart some pearl of wisdom to the young lad who may very well go out and meet his soul mate. All I could come up with was 'Don't get so pissed that you don't know who you're hooking up with' and, 'Try not to look too desperate!'. Ah yes, words from someone who has been there and done that!

Got a cuppla photos of the lad before he left. Here's one here....................
We actually had some rain the other day! Got a little under an inch over a 2 day period - its not much but it beats the hell out of what we've been getting. Follow the link to my Flickr site on the right to see some photos of a storm front moving into Wagga Wagga. I was on night shift and Kim took these photos with my Panasonic camera. They turned out great.
Its amazing how rain can bring up the grass and plants. The yard is starting to look great!
Dinnertime! Catch up with u all later.....

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

It's time to put fingers to keyboard again!
Before I go any further I must say................
Happy Birthday for the 7th Leo - love u mate!
Here's Leo as a lad racing around the back yard on his V8
supercharged wooden horse!

What a time it has been since by last entry.

The Trng Course has finished and I am happy to say that all our trainees made it thru. They're a good mob and I'm very proud of them.
School holidays are here again, and I have just started a five day stand down. Got a listas long as my arm for things to do so I'll be kept off the street. First on the agenda will bea photo day. I haven't really given my camera a good work out for a while so I reckon I can rope Lachlan into driving me around on a tour. There are some very scenic joints around the district and guaranteed I will post some of the best photos here and on my flickr site.

The hayfever season is well and truly here. We are all walking around with sinus problems, earaches, runny noses and itchy eyes. Trouble is, it is only early on in the season, so things will probably get worse.

I've just learned that we will have an extra month of daylight saving in NSW. Great news for the BBQ enthusiast and backyard chef!

Anyway I'll be off for now -

Love to all


P.S. if you check out the site - leave a comment (I dunno how u do that but just give it a go eh?)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Hullo Again!!

Hope all family and friends are well and life is

Rhiannans hair presentation went well. I'll download some photos and post them asap.

We've got a flock of Cockatoos living in a huge gum near our place. Really raucous but funny to watch them fly around playing. Got this photo a cuppla days ago when they were in the trees right behind our back fence.

Speaking of photos - follow the link on the right to the 'Flickr' web site. I have more photos on there which you can download if you wish.

Did anyone catch Idol the other night, crappiest rock songs I have ever heard!

Lachlan spent most of the arvo wandering the streets of Wagga with his camera. He has to get
photos that match a particular theme for his TAFE Assignments. To check out some of the photos he has already taken go to and check them out. Lachlan has a great talent for the composing of his photos.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Gidday! For more photos check out this site that I have just opened up at 'Flickr'. It is a web site where u can post photos. You are able to save the photos to your own computer if u want a copy. There's not that many on there at present, but I do intend to add more as I go.

Follow this link -
and check them out!!

Hope you're all well

Love to all

Monday, 3 September 2007

Actually I just had a thought.

Sunday just gone was Fathers Day.

Just putting on a cuppla photos in memory of Kevin Sylvester. I am not sure but I think the top photo was taken when he was an Ambulance Officer in Lismore/Casino (or one of those northern NSW towns) and the second was taken on the occassion of a 2SQN RAAF reunion just prior to that squadrons closure in the early 1980s. Dad was a guest of honour at that get together - he was the oldest surviving airman from 2 Sqn to attend. The photo is scanned from a newspaper clipping and although I tried to touch it up it still carries some of the imperfections of that media.
Gidday everyone!!

Well it's been a long week and I havent had an opportunity to update.

Been very busy work wise (training course in house) and as a result of that I am working Mon-Fri dayshift 8am - 4pm. Really enjoying the fact that I have no night shifts but really missing the days off in between. Weekends just arent long enough!

We've been busy sorting out the girls rooms. Both are re-organising stuff and the house is just littered with their stuff until we can get a chance to sort it. Anything they dont want will be put in the garage for a monster garage sale in a fortnights time.

Kasey brought herself a new bedroom setting and we picked it up the other day. All in flat boxes (yes thats right - guess who had to construct the lot!!) Took me all day on Fathers Day to finish it off! It does look good though.

Kim has been ok - although her back still plays up. She cant do too much walking as that puts a strain on her back and her leg aches. We brought ourselves a new bed the other day, its absolutely sssoooooo comfortable and it actually does help Kims back as it gives her back the support it needs.

Thats about it for now

Love to all

Monday, 27 August 2007

Sunrise Safari....

Lachlan and I went on a photo safari this morning. Lachlan has a TAFE assignment and had to take photos at sunrise, noon, sunset and after dark and post them onto a Web Site. This morning (at Sunrise of course!) I went with him and got a few pics of my own also. Happy to say they turned out great! Just check 'em out............

I am very happy with my camera which I have had for over 12 months now - it is a Panasonic Lumix 8Mp and up to 19 X Optical Zoom.

These 2 were my favs from this morning. The first (which is in 4 x 3 mode) because of the way the sunlight hits the landscape ('specially the power lines) and the second (in a widescreen 16 x 9 mode) because of the contrast of the sun on the light fog and the darkness of western side of Rocky Hill.

21st Anniversary in Echuca/Moama

Kim and I took a cuppla days recently to celebrate 21 great years of fun and laughter in Echuca/Moama at the veerry nice Madison Spa Resort in Moama. For those of u who don't know that location, it is on the Murray River (the Victorian Border). Moama is on the NSW side and Echuca is on the Vic side. We had a great time! Check out this link for the Madison Spa Resort -

We went via Jerilderie, Deniliquin (what a nice looking place Deniliquin is!) and the down the Cobb Hwy to Moama. The weather was great. We came back via Shepparton (which is a considerably larger town than what I had imagined) and up the Hume Freeway.

Check out a cuppla pics we took .................