Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Redhead Beach

This is a wider Pano shot of the other just uploaded. I discovered something interesting at this photo safari. Stand back and use the zoom for pano shots. This way, your elongated shadow cast by the setting sun does not find its way into the shot. Lucky I review my photos in camera!

Touch Footy Training - Redhead Beach

Training in the sand is a real workout! Love this photo because it captures the essence of Redhead, the tower and the great texture and colour of the headland cliff. Not to mention one of the various activities that was occurring on this particular afternoon.


This Lifesaver Watchtower at Redhead Beach has had its photo taken sooooo many times it is almost a cliche of Newcastle! but I couldn't resist it yesterday! Just one more! I love the rocks and the cliff face at Redhead Beach, brilliant reddish colour and lovely texture carved by the pounding of the seas!

Rush hour at Redhead

I arrived at Redhead yesterday all ready for some sunset shots over the dunes there. Actually got there a little too early and my camera battery started dying on me because of all the other shots I took waiting for the sun to go down! There was quite a crowd on Redhead Beach as people finished work and went to the beach to wind down. It was typically Redhead; blowing a gale! I pointed the camera down the beach and just snapped this one. The sun was creating some interesting foggy bits happening with the sea mist coming off the crashing waves. Oddly enough, considering I had originally gone out to get photos of a golden sunset, this is my favourite from the afternoon safari; a black and white shot! It's funny how things turn out!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Tea Gardens Mooring

I have uploaded a monochrome copy of this one here also.   Scroll down to see it. The dappled sunlight through the tree is what drew me to this subject. I think it was a scene screaming to be recorded!

The Treasure Hunters

Some children were searching the beach for shells and whatever else they could find. 
Taken at Hawks Nest beach.

Karuah Bridge Panorama

Great little place Karuah. We found a lovely park where Barney could run and chase his ball to his hearts content without hassling anyone else! There is a very picturesque Oyster Farm behind me from where I took this shot. A photographers dream!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sydney Harbour Panorama.

Sydney Harbour Panorama 2

A late upload from our day out down to Sydney. Sometimes I think that urban photos should always be shown in Monochrome. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is because the city has a grey, dull look about it, it remains impassive about the thousands of people milling about in it's streets, wrapped up in their own personal cocoon as they go about their daily business, oblivious to the person next to them. It's so impersonal.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Karuah Oyster Farm 2

We went out for an exploratory day trip about a week or so ago. Took a detour via Karuah on the way home. What a nice little town it is! Found a park where Barney could run and chase balls to his hearts content. Just next to the park was the Oyster Farm; lots of little jetties, boats and machinery to photograph! It was such a lovely spot!

Tea Gardens Panorama

Tea Gardens is such a lovely spot about 60 kms north of Newcastle. Located on the beautiful Myall Lakes, we have decided that it is possibly a nice retirement location [eventually !] We'll add it to the list!

Monday, 7 November 2011

‘Bye Kirra–We miss you!

Kirra was a funny sort of dog.   A miniature Fox Terrier.   She was not a personable dog who attached herself to people; she always remained aloof, almost like she was snobby!   She did like chasing balloons and soccer balls, and loved to play the ‘bed game’ when someone would hide under the sheets and she would try and get under there with them!   She was a great mouse catcher!   During the mouse plague we had whilst in Wagga Wagga, I lost count of the number of mice she would bring up to us and proudly show off!   One of them got its own back one day though; a mouse bite on her leg became badly infected but, that did not put her off her love of mouse hunting.   She had a nervous disposition and, more often than not, if you reached down to pat her, she would pull away; this got worse as she got older.   She was always ready for a feed and did not like travelling in the car.  She would start to whine and cry loudly, and it took ages for her to settle.
We got Kirra in Oct 96 when our big friendly Labrador/Rottweiler Benson left us. She was a playmate for our other dog, Kaiser, and also assuaged the grief of our daughter Rhiannan who was 4 at the time, and would sob for Benson at bedtime each night. 
Windows Photo Gallery Wallpaper
I had to take Kirra to the Vet for a final visit the other day. She had turned 15 and doggy old age was not treating her kindly. We knew that she had a growth in her stomach; she was losing weight but her stomach and ribs looked like a balloon that was slowly inflating over time.   Her white soft coat had gone coarse and yellow.   She also had a problem with her bowels and the puddle of blood we found one night made us realize that there was indeed, something wrong. We also knew that she was losing her hearing but when the Vet told me she had bad cataracts and would be blind very soon, I knew that it was the right course of action for an old dog who was fast losing her quality of life.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tea Gardens Mooring - Monochrome

Kim & I went for a short drive about 1 hour north of Newcastle to a small village called Tea Gardens. It is situated on the beautiful Myall Lakes and has lots of boating activity going on. Spied this little tinny chained to the tree. I find that for every photo I take, I also check it out in B&W. This adds a little extra time to my workflow but is worth it when the end product looks better than what I first had in mind!

Random Female on Hawks Nest Beach

Kim & I had a day trip yesterday to Tea Gardens, a small place about 1 hour north of Newcastle. It is on the Myall Lakes, an absolutely beautiful area. It has been the first time in ages that we had been out as we have been busy painting and reorganizing a lot of stuff around the home that had been put in the most convenient place, at the time we moved in 2 years ago! There is some awesome places in the Tea Gardens area to capture; I could easily spend a few days there just wandering around with my camera. For this photo, I had set myself up on a dune at Hawks Nest to get some pano shots in. This woman was slowly wandering the on the beach and it was too good an opportunity to miss. I prefer this presented in B&W as the day was a little overcast and when the sun was out was very hazy.

Silver Efex Pro 2 - the Nik Collection

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