Sunday, 27 April 2008

Winter is on the way!

It's been a cold, wet day here today. Can't complain really, nice to see the rain. my beanie on!

We've all been well here, keeping busy with lifes usual things; work, sleep, eat.....

Lachlan will be 20 on the 29th April. Hard to imagine that 20 years have passed, where did they go? Wow....20 years ago I had a full head of hair!!

Kim and I were going to go to the Temora Aviation Museum today, but the weather changed our minds. It would have been a little cold and very wet on a tarmac watching aircraft flying around! Speaking of cold, we are expecting our first minus temp for this year tonight - bbrrrrrrr!

I went to the Dawn Service again this year. Got some good photos at that time of the morning, so go to my Flickr site and check them out.

Here is a photo taken at Mums 80th birthday of Mum and all the Jordan 'kids'. I changed it to black and white because I thought that really suited it.

Hope you're all well



Thursday, 17 April 2008

What's New?

Well, our vacuum cleaner is new! We brought a Dyson bagless and boy, you should see the stuff it picked up out of the carpet that our old one didn't - YUCK! It works great and the carpets look and feel heaps better also.

Been doing a bit of uploading to my Flickr site lately. I've finally attracted some comments from other photographers which is really good. One of my contacts is a 34 yr old male from Lebanon who is studying Law, and the other is a female from Portugal. It's quite amazing!

Nothing exciting has happened since we got back from up north. Back into the swing of working etc etc....and the kids are the same.

Lachlan and I took a drive to Albury the other day. It was just a boys day out, bit of shopping, counter lunch etc - it was good for Lachlan; he drove. He needs a little more long distance experience.

Now, the photo for this blog comes from the Wagga Wagga Botanical Gardens. It's such a beaut spot and heaps of opportunity to test out my macro lens on the camera!

Have a look at this!

Hope that everything is fine with u all.



Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lachlans' Graduation Night

Hi Everyone!

Yep, Lachlan had his TAFE Graduation night last night! He passed all his subjects and now has a Diploma in Digital Media.

Here is a photo of him wearing his robe (nah they dont get the square hat - he has to do more stuff at Uni if he wants to wear the square hat!)
The bloke with the beard on the left is Rod Owen. Rod is a good mate of mine; we spent some time together in the RAAF at Canberra and then at the School of Tech Training. He is a TAFE teacher in Info Tech now and actually took Lachlan for some of his subjects.

Take Care

Quote for this blog:- "Only the educated are free". - Epictetus

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Matthew James............

Gidday again everyone!

Just thought I would add this photo taken of Matt at Mums 80th. I actually cropped it from another and changed it to black and white.

He's not a bad looking bugger, but he'd look much better if he shaved his head!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Another Beautiful Day in the Country!

YAWWNNNN...........We were off to an early start today.

Kasey had to start at 7am, so Kim and I were up early to get her some brekky and to see her off.

Worked out well actually, because daylight saving had only just finished and the sun had just risen. I took offdown to Lake Albert to get a cuppla photos. Lake Albert has been very, very dry in the pastfew years (wonder why?) and had shrunk quite a bit. A lot of grass & lake weed stuff grew in the parts where the lake had dried up. Since we have had some very nice rain in the past few months, it is filling up again, and that lake weed stuff is still in the shallows. It must be good stuff to feed on. The birdlife is returning in great numbers and we have flocks of black swans, pelicans, cranes, ibis the usual duck life and, the odd seagull or 2!

Still it was a beautiful morning and I got some great photos, 1 which I have inserted here and the rest on my Flickr site - - why not check it out?

The family is all doing well. Tomorrow night we're all off to the TAFE for Lachlans Graduation Night after his successful completion of Diploma Digital Media (or sumthing like that!) Should be a good night. No doubt there will be some photos on here the next day, so check it out!

Hope you are all well and life is easy.

As always
"Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell"

Thursday, 3 April 2008

One more photo.............

Hi Everyone

thought you might appreciate this photo I took of Aunty Fran, Mum and, Aunty Laurie. It was originally in colour but I changed it into a Sepia Duotone and tweaked the lighting a little. I think it has turned out really well.

Well we're back here in Wagga after our little sojourn into QLD; it's 14 degrees TOP today and the wind is icy cold! My poor head, I'll have to break out the tibetan beany any day now!

Hope u like the photo.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kids left at home 'n' we're on our own!! WOO HOO

Seriously, we did miss the kids. Going to QLD for 6 days was the longest we've ever left them and the furthest we have been from them.....EVER! It was a little odd at first but I think we gradually got used to the idea. Mobile phones are a good thing, the kids thought they could escape - HA!, were they wrong or what!!

Anyway we had a great time. 2 nights at Brisbane, 1 at Beaudesert and 2 more at Surfers Paradise. We flew up and hired a car. The girl at the hire car company upgraded us to an Astra Convertible, so, naturally enough, we cruised Brisbane and the Gold Coast with the roof down and acted like a cuppla school kids with the music loud! Check out the young fella with his machine! Kim learned to put her hair back when da roof was down; took her ages to comb out all of da knots!! Of course, I didnt have dat problem!
We had a great dinner at Matts' place on the Friday night and ate out every other night ('cept for the night at Beaudesert; thanks for the VB and leftover Kentucky Leo!) Had the best ever meal at the Hard Rock Cafe at Surfers; ya gotta try it - it was great. We went up Q1 tower and had a birds eye view of the surrounding country and the entire Gold Coast; check out some of the photos on the Flickr site.
The photos of us and our hire car were taken just down the road from our accommodation. It was such a great place to stay. We had a 1 bedroom unit down Peninsular Drive at Surfers. It was very modern and wonderfully clean. Hard to believe it cost us only $95 per night, and that it was only 5 bucks more than the poxy motel we stayed at in Beaudesert - go figure eh?

It was so wonderful to see the family. It's very comforting to visit the old home again. I've lived away from there more years now than I actually spent there, and although I have my own home now in Wagga Wagga with my family for the past 14 years, I still refer to 4 Delamore St as home.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be posting some photos onto my Flickr site soon so keep posted!

Luv 2 all.

Mums' 80th Birthday

Hi everyone!

As most of u will know, Mum turned 80 the other day!
Hell! I'm too young to have a Mum who is 80!

It was a brilliant day; the first time that the 5 Jordan "kids" have been all together in the one spot since Dad passed away in '96. We're all a 'bit' older now, but none the worse for wear!

Mum had a good time, got stuck into a roast lunch with all the trimmings and really enjoyed herself, as did we all. The Beaudesert RSL Club put on a good spread (as they usually do) and Dad would've been proud to see us all sitting down in the club he worked so hard to establish, with many years on the Club Committee.

I've added a cuppla photos taken on the day, the rest I will put onto a CD and send off to family members in the near future. In one of the photos, Mum is having a good belly laugh; I told u all that a nip of vodka in her drink would liven her up!! The 2nd photo is mum cutting her cake. It was a beautiful double layered sponge cake with passionfruit cream in the middle and white choc icing - MMmmm.............

The 3rd photo is of Aunty Fran, Mum and, Aunty Laurie. What a good shot of the girls!

Happy 80th Birthday Marie Josephine.