Sunday, 27 April 2008

Winter is on the way!

It's been a cold, wet day here today. Can't complain really, nice to see the rain. my beanie on!

We've all been well here, keeping busy with lifes usual things; work, sleep, eat.....

Lachlan will be 20 on the 29th April. Hard to imagine that 20 years have passed, where did they go? Wow....20 years ago I had a full head of hair!!

Kim and I were going to go to the Temora Aviation Museum today, but the weather changed our minds. It would have been a little cold and very wet on a tarmac watching aircraft flying around! Speaking of cold, we are expecting our first minus temp for this year tonight - bbrrrrrrr!

I went to the Dawn Service again this year. Got some good photos at that time of the morning, so go to my Flickr site and check them out.

Here is a photo taken at Mums 80th birthday of Mum and all the Jordan 'kids'. I changed it to black and white because I thought that really suited it.

Hope you're all well