Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mums' 80th Birthday

Hi everyone!

As most of u will know, Mum turned 80 the other day!
Hell! I'm too young to have a Mum who is 80!

It was a brilliant day; the first time that the 5 Jordan "kids" have been all together in the one spot since Dad passed away in '96. We're all a 'bit' older now, but none the worse for wear!

Mum had a good time, got stuck into a roast lunch with all the trimmings and really enjoyed herself, as did we all. The Beaudesert RSL Club put on a good spread (as they usually do) and Dad would've been proud to see us all sitting down in the club he worked so hard to establish, with many years on the Club Committee.

I've added a cuppla photos taken on the day, the rest I will put onto a CD and send off to family members in the near future. In one of the photos, Mum is having a good belly laugh; I told u all that a nip of vodka in her drink would liven her up!! The 2nd photo is mum cutting her cake. It was a beautiful double layered sponge cake with passionfruit cream in the middle and white choc icing - MMmmm.............

The 3rd photo is of Aunty Fran, Mum and, Aunty Laurie. What a good shot of the girls!

Happy 80th Birthday Marie Josephine.