Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A First Birthday Cake Smash!

A famous French Queen once said, "Let them smash Cake!"   Or something like that anyway......

It has been almost a year since I photographed Peyton at 8 weeks old.  

She has just turned 1, and her Mum asked if I would return and photograph Peyton laying waste to a lovely cake.  Having never photographed a cake smash before, I thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Like her Mum, Peyton has a cheeky grin and personality to match!  A little unsure of what to do with the cake at first she finally got the idea to just rip it apart and play with it!  She also has such an expressive face; so much character already!

It was a lovely, colourful Unicorn Cake and she made short work of it.  She did get a bit upset at the end though, probably at the thought that she had smashed up the cake but had not actually eaten much of it at all!

Of course, when you're all covered in cake and icing, a young lady needs to take a bath.  

The cake may have have washed away, but the sweet smile remained!

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Peyton & Peppa discussing the pros and cons of wearing a headband.

'Wha'?  I can't play with the power socket?'

'Is she serious?  Smash the cake?'

'I don't get it; it's a perfectly good cake!'

'Whoops!  Too much cake already!'

'It's all gone!'

'Bath time is fun!'

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