Monday, 23 November 2009


Well, much has happened since I last blogged.

Rhiannan was screwed over by the manager of Gloria Jeans! She worked for them for 4 weeks. A cuppla weeks ago she went to get her hours for the following week and had none. The manager told her that their regular casuals had now finished their HSC and therefore there was no more hours for Rhiannan. Quote from the bitch boss herself...'you're not sacked but u should look for another job'...unquote. How do these types of people run their business? Gloria Jeans at Westfields Kotara and also in the Kotara Borders Bookshop; if you work there then I feel sorry for you.

Rhiannan has a trial at a Warners Bay cafe tomorrow, so hopefully this will come thru for her. Good luck darlin'.

Lachlan took off to Canberra last weekend for his mate Matts' birthday. He is home in one piece now. He has a job interview at an electrical wholesale warehouse coming up. Fingers crossed; it is exactly what he is looking for.

Kasey is settling in nicely and went snorkelling the other day with one of the guys from Woolworths. She is hooked I think!

Kim n I have been sorting out stuff from the kitchen. Our new kitchen is in now. All complete except for the glass splashbacks and rangehood. Gettin measured for the splashbacks tomorrow so hopefully they will be in within the next fortnight. (fingers crossed) It's lookin great!. Heaps more cupboard space and much more practical design.

Once the kitchen is finished it's on with the painting!. We have chosen colours for the inside of the house and cant wait to get started (and then finished!!)

Ceiling fans going into the bedrooms this Friday. That should make a heap of difference on those hot nights (and days for me!) when it is difficult to sleep.

Had a fantastic social night on Saturday with the mobs from work. It was great to mix socially rather than the interrupted conversations we have at work.

My Mum will be down in about 3 weeks time. She arrives on the 18th and is staying with us til the 22 or 23rd Nov (cant remember) and then is staying with Leo at Medowie (I have to work over Christmas.....DOH!)

We are settling in really well and loving the place heaps!

Lurv to all


P.S. Kaiser the wonderdog is doin really well now after being very crook when we first got here. We had to part with some greenbacks but he is worth it. He now only has 3 teeth in his head; the others had gone rotten and that is possibly what made him sick. Funny thing is, his tongue always sticks out now when he sleeps!! It's so funny. I snuck in a photo of him the other night......CLASSIC!