Thursday, 3 January 2008

Only 992 years 'til the New Millenium.........

Far Out! It's 2008!

Can u believe that?

Rhiannan had her birthday on the 2nd Jan and went out that day and picked up her Learners Permit. I now have to roster driving lessons between her and Kasey.

Took her to the Jubilee Park car park to get going. She is learning on a manual and we needed somewhere with wide open spaces for her to practice. Her clutch starts aren't too bad; I haven't come home with a severe case of whiplash!

Worked New Years Eve - phew! - flat out all night!!

I was very spoiled at Christmas; new watch, a Bundy Rum coffee mug filled with chocies mmmmmm......, a pair of excellent LCD light torches (really really bright) and a Led Zepellin rug, woven in the USA which looks brilliant.

Didn't make any new years resolutions; I'll feel too bad if I don't measure up!!

The photo for this entry is of Kim. On this particular day we went to the Wagga Lagoon so I could muck around with some of the may features of my camera. I liked this shot and changed it to a Sepia Duotone look through PhotoImpact software. There are some other shots of our day at the Lagoon on my Flickr site. Follow the link on the right.
Anyway my friends, I'll head off for now.

Until next time...........


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