Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Another Rainy Day.....

But I'm NOT complaining.   The times we spent in Wagga Wagga when it didn't rain a drop for months on end!

I finally took my camera into work the other night and made good use of my meal break.   There are some great subjects around the Newcastle CBD!   Check out my Flickr site to have a look at them.........http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifewithjordy/.....I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out!

The kids were in Canberra last weekend for a friends 21st.   They had a good time catching up with friends but I think the girls have ended up with colds etc.   Kasey stayed down there and then went on to Wagga to visit some old friends whilst she had the opportunity.  We spoke to her today and she said how Wagga seemed so small after living up here for a while; 10 minutes to get to anywhere in Wagga!  

I had the Fender 12 serviced last week after 32 years of use!   It has come back looking and feeling absolutely brand new!   It actually cost me more to get it fixed up than it cost me 32 years ago, but it is entirely worth it.

We have to have another garage sale again and VERY SOON!!  We have so much stuff cluttering up the garage [and other cupboards] that we cant get a car in there!   Once we have that sorted we can get into the painting again.   

We are getting some quotes to have our bathroom and ensuite refurbished.   Dunno what the people who built the house were thinking....salmon pink vanity!  ewwww!

Kaiser has not been very well.  He is 15.5 years old now [thats 105 in doggy years!].   He struggles a bit to go to the toilet properly and is not keeping some of his meals down.    He sleeps most of the day and has lost of lot of muscle tone in the past 2 weeks.   Mind u.....this morning he was running around like a puppy!   We will have to keep a close eye on him.....poor old fella'.

The photo on with this post was taken at The Entrance.  We were down there a few weeks ago and I got some shots of the local Pelicans!!

Hope you're all well



Wednesday, 19 May 2010

We have had some great rain over the last few days.   It's been great because when it is overcast, windy and rainy I dont feel particularly guilty about not doing any work outside in the yard etc!!   We have this mad looking plant in the front yard and the raindrops just stay on it forever.   Got a good photo using a low aperture to set up a good depth of field.   Click on the photo to see the proper size and appreciation.   I actually did get some work outside done today.  We planted some Muraya along the house and fence in the back yard.  Its a great shrub that will grow to 5 metres if we let it, but we will be trimming them so we can set up a hedge across the back fence.

Hang on a tic...I am being summonsed.......................................................................................................

Back again!..................Husbands=1        Spiders=0    hahahaha............poor Kim!

Had my eyes tested today.  Turns out the glasses I have been wearing for computer work are actually too strong!   No wonder I was always moving the monitors at work to get the correct focal length.  Maybe now the headaches will stop also!   Can u believe that if u get new lenses put into your old frames, it is actually more expensive then if u were to get new frames?  I'm still pondering that one.   Of course, if u send your old frames away to be refitted, then what would u use when u havent got 'em?

Hey!  I got the highest number of hits on my Flickr site on Monday - 142 [over a 24 hour period]; that's so cool!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Back on Blogger!!

Sorry folks but it has been just a 'little while' since I have posted anything on my blog!   For those of you who have left messagess about the family history I will endeavour to reply to you as soon as I can.   If only I can find a way of uploading a document to this site then I could put a lot of family history on in one go.

OK.   Well........since the last blog.........................

Lachlan has landed himself a job with an Electrical Wholesale Warehouse - Lawrence and Hanson.  He really likes it there.  He works Mon-Fri from 7am to 3.30pm - 4 hours overtime every second Saturday.   It's such a far cry from the nightshifts he was doin at Woolworths which, by the way, he doesn't miss one little bit!!   Lachlan has a woman in his life now.  Her name is Miranda and she is a lovely girl!   She fits in so well with all of us crazy Jordans!!

Kasey is still at Woolworths.  They were a little bit scabby with hours for her but have picked up their game and are giving her extra hours when short staffed or someone calls in sick; it pays to tell the manager that you are available if needed!!
Rhiannan has a job at Bills Cafe at Warners Bay.   It's a casual job but she works full time hours.   It's not a bad job but the owners need to look at the way they run it and not try and skimp on too much stuff.  She has made some good friends there and I think that is the main thing for now.

Kim n I have been busy around the house.   We ripped up a lot of old shrubs that were worse for wear, ripped up the white scoria rock that dominated the 'yards' and laid some turf.   That happened about 2 months ago and it looks fantastic!   We will be getting stuck back into the painting soon and hopefully by the time I go on leave in July it will be well and truly on the way to completion.   We have had some tradies out to check out our ensuite and bathroom because we want to rid ourselves of the champagne pink and salmon pink vanity units and also re-tile the floors.   A much nicer shower screen is also on the agenda.  Still awaiting some quotes for those jobs.
Rhiannan has brought herself a new car.   It's a Kia Cerato and she got such an excellent deal for it - the dealer had accidentally advertized it for $2000 less in the paper!!   He was not overly excited when we went in to buy it but he did stick to the advertised price which was very decent of him.   It is 2nd hand but has only done 4000 kms so it is virtually brand new; still has 5 year warranty on it!!

Kim n I hit The Entrance last weekend.   A workmate of mine plays in a band - 'Toad in the Hole' and was supporting Mental as Anything at The Entrance Leagues Club.   We had a ball - it's a bugger we cant see Husky and the boys playing at the Mingara Club on the 21st......I gotta bloody work!

Tomorrow I am taking my 12 string in for some long overdue TLC.  It needs re-fretting, a new nut, the fingerboard needs sanding and cleaning and some of the string winders are a little loose.   After 32 years it is probably long overdue for a service.   Might get an acoustic pick-up on it also!

The Kids [ kids....haha....not anymore! ]  are on their way to Canberra next weekend for a friends 21st and Kasey will then travel on to Wagga for another 21st.   Pray for a safe journey.

Anyway I will leave it there for now.   Hope everyone is well and healthy.

Lurv 2 all,


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