Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Jordan Express to Newcastle departs on the 19 July!!


We are due to sign our contracts today....HOORAY!!

The dates we are looking at are...if we sign today then exchange of contracts will take place either this afternoon or Monday. This has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks of the whole sale; our Solicitors associate only works Mon, Tues and Wed. It has been ssooooooooooo frustrating when we want to move ahead. Not only for us but also for our purchaser and the Real Estate agent who has been trying hard to keep things moving along despite the hold ups.

Our removal date will be the 15th of July, keys handed over on the 17th (my 50th birthday too by the way!!) and we will leave for Newcastle on the 19th of July.

We have been approved by Transfers Unit to have our stuff put into storage for a period of 10 weeks and then moved from storage to our house.

Kim & I are going to Salamander Bay this Friday for about 2 weeks for some well deserved R&R and also to do some house hunting.

I think that the whole process has been made worse by the fact that we were apart for some weeks; I had to go to work at Newcastle and Kim had to face the Legal Beagles here by herself. Not only that, but the whole process is just a high profile game of Chinese Whispers, getting info 2nd and 3rd hand, one solicitor not liking the way the real estate agent was handling things, fingers pointed to appoint blame etc etc. I understand that Legal Experts are required to ensure protection of sellers and buyers alike but think that some of the backwards and forwards decisions needs to be made at a round table discussion so that buyers can meet purchasers and things can be then sorted in a much more relaxed environment.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that we now have dates to look forward to after 8 months of living our lives in limbo.

Luv to all