Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sunrise - Newcastle Baths

After I finished my night shift this morning, I walked out to a lovely day. It dawned on me that I had my camera with me and it was too good a chance to miss out on [considering I was already up at that hour !] I wandered down to the wading pool and the ocean baths and got some great photos. I was amazed at the number of people out and about; I guess it is coming up to Summer and the weather was beautiful on the beach with a slight breeze!

Sunrise - John Fletcher Park

This was the sight that greeted me walking out of work, prompting me to go for a wander with the camera! A 3 exposure HDR taken in John Fletcher Park. My work is located in such a horrible location........NOT !

Newcastle Wading Pool

The seagulls were abundant in the Wading Pool this morning! It was quite funny because they were standing in water up to their knees [do they have knees??] and the majority of them were asleep with their heads tucked underneath their wings! This panoramic taken with 4 photos and processed in Photoshop Elements with a slight cooling filter applied.

Newcastle Wading Pool

This is a stock standard photo for anyone visiting the wading pool at Newcastle Beach. I must visit one sunset and get one from the other perspective!

Newcastle Beach Panorama

I am really really happy with the way this one has turned out!! This is a HDR Panoramic taken using 3 exposure shots for each individual photo and 5 individual photos were used to make up the panorama! 15 photos in here! It was such a beautiful morning.

Newcastle After Dark

This is the reason that I had my camera with me in the first place. I wanted to get a night time panorama. This is 3 merged photos and a slight cooling filter applied. So much to capture and not enough hours in the day!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wangi Wangi Power Station

This is a derelict Power Station at Wangi Wangi on the shores of Lake Macquarie. Cant get access inside the security fence [DAMN!] so had to put up with photos from outside although, I must say, I am pretty happy with the way they have turned out. This photo was taken from the corner of Summerhill Drive and Wangi Point Road. A 5 exposure HDR - I am very happy with the way this has turned out! There was a slight breeze blowing and so I caught some tree movement but I think this adds something to the photo overall. I find it a little annoying that I cannot set my camera to automatic exposure bracketting whilst in RAW format, so I have to set each exposure value after each photo. I love my camera but it takes a cuppla seconds to write to the card in RAW format also.

Wangi Wangi Power Station

I wandered around the neighbourhood to try and get a view of the 3 big stacks at the abandoned Power Station. Walking thru the bowling club carpark, there was a footpath to a footbridge that goes over the Wangi Wangi Creek that has been 'amended' to this concrete culvert type drain. I took this photo from the middle of the footbridge. This is a 3 exposure HDR taken with my Wide Angle lens, hence the distance perspective is a little out!

Wangi Wangi Power Station

This is basically the same shot as before except this is taken without the Wide Angle lens and I have zoomed up to fit in more detail. A 3 exposure shot HDR.

Wangi Wangi Power Station

This is one I am very happy with. There are 12 photos in this merged Panoramic! 4 photos that make up the pano and each photo is 3 exposure shots to get the HDR effect. I am very disappointed that I couldnt get closer to the building to get some detailed shots but security is pretty tight. This old Power Station is to be pulled down in six months time to make way for a new shopping centre and sub-divided into residential blocks. I would have loved to get inside and snap off some shots!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It’s Raining Again……….


Yep, it’s raining again!   Not that I mind today because I will be back in bed in a cuppla hours before a nightshift!   I do hope that it stops on Friday though because I have 6 days off and have a fair bit to do outside!

I am typing this blog entry into a new programme that came along with my last Windows Update……’s called Windows Live Writer.   It is a programme that enables me to link from the programme to my blog but gives a few more options than the blog programming e.g. different fonts, emoticons, insert maps, and even Excel type tables!   Once I have typed in all the stuff I need I simply hit the publish button and PRESTO, it should appear in my blog!   It remains to be seen however, just how the fonts and the other stuff translate to the blog and to Facebook.

I have also set up my blog and my Flickr to automatically update into my Facebook Profile.   This is good and saves multiple copying and pasting of links and texts back and forth.  

And a Kasey update…..she is loving the new job at the Day Care Centre!   We’re so proud of her!

Anyway, time for a coffee and maybe pick up a book!


Hot smile