Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It’s Raining Again……….


Yep, it’s raining again!   Not that I mind today because I will be back in bed in a cuppla hours before a nightshift!   I do hope that it stops on Friday though because I have 6 days off and have a fair bit to do outside!

I am typing this blog entry into a new programme that came along with my last Windows Update……’s called Windows Live Writer.   It is a programme that enables me to link from the programme to my blog but gives a few more options than the blog programming e.g. different fonts, emoticons, insert maps, and even Excel type tables!   Once I have typed in all the stuff I need I simply hit the publish button and PRESTO, it should appear in my blog!   It remains to be seen however, just how the fonts and the other stuff translate to the blog and to Facebook.

I have also set up my blog and my Flickr to automatically update into my Facebook Profile.   This is good and saves multiple copying and pasting of links and texts back and forth.  

And a Kasey update…..she is loving the new job at the Day Care Centre!   We’re so proud of her!

Anyway, time for a coffee and maybe pick up a book!


Hot smile