Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mattara Hill Climb 2012

I had an awesome day at the Hill Climb last Monday of the long weekend!

I wanted to practice and perfect my panning techniques and, at the same time, use manual settings on my camera (I usually shoot in AV mode but want to get out of that habit and learn a bit more!)  Panning is the art of following a moving subject with the camera.  If done correctly, it gets the subject in perfect sharp focus whilst the still background is blurred due to the movement of the camera.  It is a great effect to highlight movement and speed.

Whilst I am very happy with these photos, I think I could have used a slightly slower shutter speed to allow for more movement blur in the background.

This is a great event to take the family to.  Apart from the excitement of the loud noise of the racing cars, the smell of high octane and burning rubber, it is an awesome venue.  Soft grass and shady trees mean for a lazy afternoon out, although if you want to get a little closer to the action, there is a lovely grassy spot up on the hill.  You will have to remember to take a hat and sunscreen as there are no trees for shade in that area.

There is food and drink in the form of sausage & steak sandwiches, egg & bacon rolls, cold drinks, a coffee vendors van provides lovely hot beverages or, you could take along a picnic lunch and enjoy the gardens in King Edward Park for lunch!

The venue is so beautifully picturesque, Shortland Esplanade and York Rd wind up steep hills through the park and the backdrop is either ocean or the beautiful beaches of Newcastle.  The updrafts around the high bluffs in the park also provide great lift for the numerous para & hang gliders that hang lazily on the breeze, getting a birds  eye view of the proceedings!

These are only a few of the photos that I have developed from the day.  You can view more on my Facebook page, Life with Jordy Photography Why not visit me there and 'like' my page.  That way you can keep up with all of my other little projects as well.

Hope you enjoy these!