Saturday, 28 May 2016

Hunter Valley Safari

Living on the east coast of Australia with it's beautiful beaches in the City of Lake Macquarie, (the largest coastal saltwater lake in Australia) has the benefits of some great waterscape photography. Sometimes though, it is good to head west into the rural farmlands of the Hunter Valley and take advantage of the wonderful photo opportunities of the countryside.

That is what I have been doing for the past few weeks; taking a series of road trips just a short distance from home along country roads to the small villages and localities throughout the valley.

My partner for these trips has been my son, Lachlan.  He also is a keen photographer; the love for recording our world runs in the family!

Sometimes a reconnaissance is required to check out potential targets before attending; Google Maps is great for this exercise, especially to find safe areas off the road to pull over and get equipment out. Most of the time though, a leisurely drive reaps the rewards of a landscape opening up over the crest of a hill, the Sun creating shadow patterns over a field or, a disused barn shouting out for attention!

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The Colour of Autumn!  Laguna, NSW, Australia

The Milking Shed, Hunter Valley, Australia.

Birds on a Wire at Morpeth, NSW, Australia.

The Milking Shed, Paterson, NSW, Australia.

Fields of Green, Paterson, NSW, Australia.

Rural Mailboxes, Great North Road, Laguna, NSW, Australia.

Grazing in the Grass, Laguna, NSW, Australia.

Rain for the Valley, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

Falling Leaves, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

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