Friday, 4 September 2009

About 90% settled....................


Well......we had the Garage Sale last weekend...gave away what didn't sell to St Vincent de Paul and just need to re-arrange the leftovers in the garage. We are still awaiting a new lounge, have some pictures up on the wall and, we appear to be settling in very well....

We have been getting quotes for our new kitchen and hopefully will have a decision reached soon; with any luck it will be in by Christmas! All that is left to do after that is to paint the inside and we will have definitely put our individual mark on this place.

I've managed to get back onto Flickr this morning and post a new photo; it's been a while sinceI was able to pay any attention to my photography.

I guess the next thing to do will be to design a new header for my blog; one that reflects our new location with updated photos!

Hope everyone is well as we are.