Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Today would have been Dads' 92nd birthday. He has been gone, but not forgotten for the past 12 years.

Born in Casino NSW, his father Julian died when he was 3 months old and his mother Clara took the family and moved to her fathers hotel at Tabulam. Incidentally, Julian & Clara were first cousins. Sounds unheard of these days, but in 1894 I guess it wasn't considered odd as it would be these days.

When he left school he worked with the 'travelling picture shows' (remember that Australian movie - "The Picture Show Man" ?) That took him to the Lyric Theatre in Tenterfield where he was the projectionist.

He was also an honorary bearer for the Tenterfield Ambulance, and when WWII broke out he joined the RAAF as a Medical Orderley. He served at Darwin during the bombing, a base in west QLD with Special 'Z' forces, Rathmines flying boat squadron at Lake Macquarie, Temora in west NSW to name just a few.

I can remember one night when he came home from his customary beer at the local, with an exciting bit of news. He and the local Beaudesert taxi driver (I think his surname was Radke) had been talking about their service during the war. Dad mentioned that when he was in Darwin, he was the orderley who took delivery of the first Japanese POW to arrive on Australian soil for transport to the RAAF Hospital because he was badly wounded. Imagine his surprise when Mr Radke said that he and his Army mates had loaded that same prisoner onto the Catalina flying boat! I think that probably prompted another round!

Dad left the RAAF after the war and worked in small Ambulance stations in country areas before moving to Beaudesert where he met Mum. They were married in Sep 54. Dad stayed with the Ambulance until his retirement in about 1983.

He passed away on the 23 Dec 96 after an apparent allergic reaction to a changed medication he was taking.

This photo that I have put in here is taken when Dad was about 3 years old, sitting on the steps of the Tabulam Hotel and playing with his favourite toy, an ambulance. It is quite fitting considering his lifetime career was in that field.

Love to all


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Moving right along..................


received the official 'OK' email today, saying that our transfer to Newcastle has been approved! We just have to negotiate the exact dates.

AT LAST! sometimes I think the waiting is the worst.

We r all organized for Christmas, looking forward to 5 days off now, having a cuppla drinks and giving out some gifts to my wonderful family!

Although the for sale sign is up, the house is 'not quite' on the market yet. We have to wait for the contracts to be drawn up before it can be properly advertised. Our solicitor is on a break over the festive season and back in early January so we have a little time to just veg out before we have to keep the place looking like a Beverly Hills display home!!

For my overseas friends, I am on Facebook now, so check out the weird and wonderful goings on of the Jordans. Search for Pete Jordan; u cant miss my bald head, goatee and 2 earrings on my photo! Seems a bit odd perhaps that I have this blog AND a facebook page, but facebook is much more informal and has easier interaction between friends than a blog. Besides, not everyone has a facebook account.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Summer's on the way........YAY!!!.....

Hi everyone.

Well, the Jordans are very happy now that spring is here and summer is coming also. It's gonna be stinkin hot but the winter was cold and really wet so we are looking forward to it.

What's been happenin' ? I hear you ask? Well.............

I saw the Doc today and had a heart stress test. I had a few concerns about the ticker and decided to get them addressed. Turns out that everything is fine - wonderfully so!! All worry over nothing! Doc says I have another 51 years in me at least - gotta get my telegram from the monarch of the day!!

The Real Estate job for Lachlan was a fizzer. He phoned them to see what was happening and they told him that it was no longer available! They were taking a 'new direction' in their thinking! Can u believe that? I often wonder how some businesses survive with their casual attitude toward people who apply for jobs that they have advertised. Not only that, but their lack of planning and foresight in the recruitment process. Maybe they dont have much respect for their own businesses. Case in point; Lachlan applied for a position about a year ago with a local business only to be told that there was no actual job vacancy! The business was considering branching into something new and wanted to put out feelers to see how many people would be interested! He has been flat out with his 0430am starts this week. He also has been doing some sales work for a local business that is into publications - magazines and also the web. He is involved in selling web space advertizing for local businesses. He is having a good time, but it is also a good learning experience for him.

Kasy and her boyfriend Chris went to Wollongong last weekend to visit Chris' Dad. It is the furthest that she has ever driven but she arrived home safely. Kasey loves to drive!

Rhiannans driving is going well, although her car was a little under the weather this last week so she didn't get much time in. Turns out the spark leads had had it. Goes like a little rocket now!!

Kim n I went for a leisurely drive the other arvo. It was a beautiful day and we took off north to Old Junee, across to Marrar and Coolamon and back to Wagga. Such beautiful country out that way, so green from constant rain over winter and the yellow flowers of the Canola starting to bloom.

That's about all for this post.

Love to all


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Monday, 25 August 2008

Career Madness.........

Hullo everyone! Yes we have had some career madness in the Jordan household!!

Kasey has not been too happy at Woolworths of late, so she went on a 'Sell Kassandra' mission and has come up with the goods.

She won a position at 'Allens' a fair sized retail store here in Wagga Wagga. It is a maternity relief position for the next 9 - 12 months but the store manager said that there would be a position for her when that time came up. She has 36 hours a week and starts on the 16 Sep. She is so happy about that. At exactly the same time, she landed herself a position as a waitress in one of our local pubs, but after a cuppla shifts there of not doing anything other than dishwashing she has decided to 'throw in the towel' (yes the dish towel LOL !!) Some of the girls that worked there weren't exactly too helpful and the woman in charge didn't treat her that well. But anyway, she has decided to keep a shift at Woolworths for a while to earn a little extra until she settles into the Allens job.

Lachlan went for an interview to a local Real Estate company. He was one of four chosen out of heaps of applicants for a Traineeship position, however before anyone sets foot into a Real Estate office there is some type of course that has to be done (under the law). It is an 18 week part time night course or, if one travels to Sydney, it is a 3 day course. The bloke conducting the interview was a bit wishy washy with information. Lachlan asked when the traineeship might start and the answer was "soonish....." There was no indication that if Lachlan does this short course if he would have the job. How can a business conduct interviews for a job or traineeship, not have a definite start date, and not give certainties when applicants may have to spend up to $600 on a 3 day short course on the off chance that they might be the successful applicant?

Anyway, on the day of his interview, Kim and I met Lachlan for lunch. He was done up in his suit and looked very handsome, or as one of Rhiannans friends put it - 'He's HOT!" He was of the idea that he should go for a walk and submit his resume (he had a copy of it with him) to some local businesses - you know the story - the squeaky wheel gets the grease! He walked to our local television station Southern Cross 10 (which has a small office here but does the majority of their work from Canberra) on the off chance that something may be available. Lachlan did some work experience there a few years ago whilst at school. Well, they remembered him and told him they would look over his resume. A very short while later, after Lachlan had left the office, the receptionist phoned to ask him about his Diploma in Digital Media. She told him that there was a position coming up - something about Producer something-or-other. She was going to make some calls and phone him back at the end of this week. Pretty exciting eh? Television is exactly what Lachlan would love to get into more than anything! Cross your fingers!

Rhiannan and I went for a rather long drive today; she still has a number of hours to accrue before she can sit for her drivers licence. She is doing very well.

Thats it for now. Will post updates about what has occurred with Lachlan when the news comes to hand.

Hope you're all well and enjoying life......



P.S. -
The photo for this entry is one of our nephew James. Taken a few years ago (sorry it's taken a little while to get on here James) I cropped the original and tweaked it into a black and white (which I think looks great) James celebrated his 13th birthday recently.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Amymone is back!....

We purchased this large bowl and fountain some years ago. We were told at the time that it was crushed marble and that there was not way in hell that it would crack!! WRONG!!! It turns out that it was mostly concrete with a little crushed marble in it and after about 5 years - you guessed it - it cracked!!

Never fear!

After some research (and actually getting around to doing it) the solution was found to fix her. The concrete had to be 'sanded' with a soft grinder attachment, an epoxy solution applied and then another 'membrane' solution
applied over the top of that. I had to leave for a while to ensure it dried over winter, before filling it again. It worked perfectly!

Yesterday I filled her up and turned her on (I hope she enjoyed that - LOL!!!) We now have our fountain back, and in the hotter months it will attract heaps of our local birds as it did in the past.

You may ask why we call her Amyone? Well...

Amyone was one of 50 Danaids
(daughters of Danaus - Greek Mythology). Danaus fled Egypt when he refused to marry his daughters to his twin brothers' (Aegyptus) 50 sons! (Phew they were a busy lot eh?!) Anyway he fled to Argos in Greece. His brother gave chase, and rather than put up a battle and cause death and destruction in his new found home, he instructed his daughters to murder their husbands on their wedding night.

Amymone (the 'blameless' one) did not do this because her husband Lynceus honoured her wish that she remain a virgin. The 49 heads of the other husbands were buried in 'Lerna' which was a region of springs and a former lake near the east coast of thePeloponnesus, south of Argos . Danaus was angry with his disobedient daughter and threw her to the Argive courts. Aphrodite intervened and saved her (Lynceus later killed Danaus as revenge for the death of his brothers). Lynceus and Amymone then began a dynasty of Argive kings (the Danaan Dynasty).

Amymone is represented with a water pitcher, a reminder of the sacred springs and lake of Lerna and, by contrast, a reminder that her sisters were forever punished in Tartarus (a dungeon of torment and suffering that exists in Hades) for their murderous crimes by fruitlessly drawing water in pitchers with open bases.

Hope you found that interesting!

Bye for now!...


Monday, 18 August 2008

Shopping Trip......

Hullo Everyone!! Kim, Rhiannan & I returned from Canberra yesterday after a few days of visiting relatives, catching up with friends and (of course) the inevitable shopping spree! We stayed with Gaye (Kims sister) and John. Had a few glasses of red and caught up on what's been happening. We also caught up with Kims newphew, David and his wife, Gabby. But the most important family member we caught up with was David & Gabbys' 1 year old son, Micah. What a happy little man he is- full of smiles and laughter! We gave him a belated 1st birthday present which makes some wonderful noises (sorry D&G!! - but one thing you have to learn to live with is kids noisy toys!) Here is a photo of him about to open his present.

We also caught up with Bruce and Margaret, old friends of ours from our Canberra days. Bruce and I served in the RAAF at Canberra together. We had a great lunch and swapped stories. It was so wonderful to see them again. Now that our kids are older and the family responsibilities are a little less (the kids can look after themselves now!), we hope to see more of them as we gradually make use of our new found freedoms.

And YES.......there was the shopping!! A little disappointing according to the girls. I wandered around like a lost soul whilst they hit the shops although, they didn't see much that took their attention. To pass the time I grabbed my camera and got some candid shots from the maddening crowds, and then at Lake Gininderra. You can see them posted onto my Flickr site.

We had a good time away but it was good to get home safely. Thanks for looking after us big fella!

I can't believe that the Olympics are almost over - Hooray Hooray - I am getting sick of it all; can't seem to have worked up any Olympic enthusiasm this time around.

Anyway, hope you're all well and looking forward to the warmer weather!

Love to all


Sunday, 10 August 2008

FINALLY!!.... Return to the Blog!

WOW I cant believe it has been 3 weeks since I last blogged!! What has happened that has caused this dastardly state of affairs?!


I returned to work after a month off over July. It was at the stage in my shift cycle when a swing shift occurred, hence for about 2 weeks it was work, eat and, sleep. Also, our subscription for Internet Security expired and I was a bit reluctant to use the net until we renewed it.

The family are all well. We have been hibernating thru the coldest and wettest winter we have had for years! (roll on Spring!)

I was a bit out of sorts on returning to work. My first nightshifts really knocked me about; I guess it will take a few more for me to settle back into that routine.

Kasey has been putting out feelers for another job scene. Woolies is "ok" but she wants more hours. If she can pick up something that will supplement her Woolies hours that will be good. Better still, if she can get something that offers about 38 hours a week then Woolies is gone! She has had one interview and is awaiting an outcome. Say a few prayers!

Rhiannans' traineeship is going great and she loves the place and people where she works. She cooked a chocolate cake the other day (for the menu!!) and was very proud of that effort!

Lachlans hours have picked up after the end of the financial year, although he is looking for something a little more stable with dedicated hours.

That's about it!! Pretty boring stuff eh? Kim, Rhiannan and I are off to Canberra at the end of the week. The girls will be on a shopping spree. I intend to take off around the place and get some photos. I'll let u know how it went.

In the meantime I'll sign off. I must try and blog on a regular basis so that I am not wracking my brain remembering stuff that happens weeks later!

Speaking of Canberra, the photo for this blog is of the kids and I in our backyard when we lived in Canberra. It's one of my fav photos.

Love to all


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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Another year older............

Yes friends, the Jordster is another year older. The 17th of July was the fateful day that I popped into the world. In another year I will be 50 - only the half way mark if I get my say about it!!

I had a great day, thanks to by beautiful loving family! Also, I was very spoiled! From Kim I received a wide angle lens for my camera. It's very exciting because it gives me heaps more options for my photography. Rhiannan and Kasey both gave me books on photography. Rhiannans is about Macro and Close Ups and Kaseys is about creating ambience and moods through the use of filters and computer software. Lachlan gave me a very cool Led Zeppelin watch!! It has one of their record covers on the face; it hasn't been that long since I rocked and rolled!! We went out to the Victoria Hotel for dinner and had a ball. Lachlan and Kassandra talked Kim and I into having a cuppla 'shots' after dinner. Shots are like miniature cocktails, very potent and taste great! Just the thing to warm us up on a cold night!

A beautiful day in Wagga Wagga today, the sun is shining but it is still very cold out.

We are all well, life is busy but never too busy for fun and laughter!

As it is my birthday, I thought I might put on a photo of a much younger me! This photo was taken at Glenmore. Not sure how old I am here.

Love to all


Friday, 11 July 2008

22 Years Tomorrow!........

Tomorrow, 12 July 08, Kim & I will have been married for 22 years.

I almost can't believe it! 22 years sounds so long, but it seems as if it were just yesterday.

We've had heaps of fun and laughter from the start and life just gets better!

Here are some photos from our wedding - enjoy!!

Love to all

Pete & Kim

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I'm on Holidays..........

......but we're not actually going anywhere. Just spending some time bumming around veging out. The weather has not really been good for doing much else. Cold, wet, drizzling days aren't really good to get out into!

So what I have been doing is spending a bit more time on the 'pooter and internet. One good thing to come out of this is that I have discovered the Schoolfriends site has been updated. Now known as Friends Re-united, I have actually caught up with an old school mate and a couple of RAAF mates. Hopefully more to follow as well.

We have decided not to escape for a couple of nights on our anniversary; we'll just go out for dinner and have a couple of glasses of the fruit of the vine!

Lachlan has informed us that one of the guys in the back dock is going on holidays soon and they want Lachlan to fill his hours. That's good for the bank account, unfortunately his shifts start at 4.30 am daily so Lachlan will have a few weeks of disruption. Lachlans hours have been cut severely in the last 2 weeks because it was the end of the financial year. He is a casual employee and if the budget for the store comes under the forecast for the year, the managers get a bonus!! It sucks really, the casual workers get their hourse slashed so the manager can pick up a personal bonus.

The photo posted for this entry was taken on the front steps of 4 Delamore St. I took a photo of the original and then uploaded it onto the computer.

Hope you're all well.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lachlans Latest Journalistic Venture

Yep, Lachlan has done it again.

About a week and a half ago, the blokes from The Wagga Guide (famous on-line web page promoting everything about beautiful Wagga Wagga) approached Lachlan and asked if he would do a Rock Band Interview. There were 3 bands visiting Wagga Wagga as part of a Jack Daniels Promotion.

Bands from all over had competed in a competition hosted by Jack Daniels (the whisky) the 3 most voted for bands were then put on a tour on the East Coast.

Lachlan didn't get much time to investigate or do any homework on these bands as he was asked to interview them early afternoon on that day, and the bands were playing a 1 night gig that night! Never the less, he picked up his trusty CamCorder and Tripod, did a quick Google homework and thus armed hit the Capital Night Club!

You can check out the interview on this link -

The majority of the filming was done by Lachlan ('cept for the interview bits). Lachlan edited the film adding the captions and had to compress the file for upload to YouTube.

Not bad for a couple of hours notice!!

Go Lockie!!

Tradition Lives On!!..........

Well it seems like an age since I last posted. The Jordan family have all been a bit crook with the dreaded lurgy (usual winter crappy cold & flu stuff) but are getting over the worst of it.

Lachlan has his forklift licence and we're all very proud of him!!

Kasey and Chris are off to Albury for a cuppla days shopping and celebrating their 6 month anniversary!! Time flies while you're having fun!

Rhiannan has been very keen and going to kick boxing classes (sorta like a gym class) early in the mornings twice a week for about 2 months now. She has lost a little weight and can see an improvement in her overall fitness.

We've had a slight problem with our new Subaru Impreza (nnoooooooo......) When we took delivery of it there was a stone chip on the bonnet. We were told that it would be fixed, BUT they want to respray the whole bonnet! Problem is, I don't think that they would be able to match the colour exactly, and I would rather put up with a stone chip than a bonnet that stands out because the paint is a different shade. They will fix the stone chip with a touchup and polish and then compensate us for the difference between that and a full respray. A little disappointing but it's no good spending all that money on a brand new car and not receive it in 100% condition. The dealer has been very good about it, though it did take them a little while to get around to organizing something about it.

My photography thing is coming along great. I've been discovering all about different lens filters that give better results for landscape photography. A little expensive (the polarizing filter I want is around the $65 mark) but will make a great difference in certain shots.

In 1 week I will be on leave for a month. Thank God!! The place is driving me a little loony lately. I love my job but some of the personalities make it difficult. Everyone has an opinion but it's a shame when they don't really have any idea about what it is they are talking about!

Anyway, it will be our 22nd Wedding Anniversary on the 12th July and all going well Kim and I will escape somewhere for a couple of nights. It will have to be cosy because it will be damn cold anywhere we go!!

The 1st photo for this post is of Theresa and I at Tambourine Mountain. Mum, Dad, Theresa & I went for a day trip when Matt was a baby and Dad had us pose at this palm tree out the front of St Bernards Hotel. That photo would've been taken in 1967 I think. Years later when Kim & I visited there with our kids I just couldn't resist the temptation!! Yep!....I did a Kevin Sylvester and lined up Lachlan & Kasey at the same tree!

I hope they both realize now that it is a family tradition and they have to do the same with theirs as well!!!

Anyway, that's it from me today.

Hope you are all well.

Love to all


Saturday, 7 June 2008

Aahhhhh....THIS is what goes on at the Capital Niteclub!!

This is a photo I found when downloading some of Kaseys' photos onto the computer for her.

Taken at Lachlans 20th birthday smash at the Capital nightclub.

Lachlan drinks Bundaberg Rum, and how coincidental that the Bundy Girls were at the club with free giveaways on his birthday.

Can't wish for a better birthday gift eh?!!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Kimbos' new gadget!

Yep folks, you're looking at a portable, fold away clothesline.
After years of hanging clothes around the house during winter and the place looking like a chinese laundry, this has changed our lives!
On cold wet days it sits underneath the pergola catching the wind and when the sun comes out we just put it out.
It may sound a little silly but this thing has helped us out so much! The clothes dry a lot quicker on this than if they are hanging around inside.
I can sense the excitement you're all probably feeling!
We're all good, hope all of u are too
The Jordies!!

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Another Wonderful Day in the Country!..............

Yep - another beautiful Autumn day in downtown Wagga Wagga!

Kim n I are really looking forward to a sleep in!

Today, Kasey was up at 6am for a 6.45 start, Lachlan started at 8am and Rhiannan started at 9am! Just when we thought it was safe for a Sunday sleep in, Lachlan has picked up an 8am start - DOH!!!! I am back on Monday with 3 dayshifts (5.30am alarm!)

Still, in spite of the sleep deprivation (0r so it seems), we're very proud of their work ethics. They all have a target in mind and are not adverse to working and saving towards it!

Found this little fella on the driveway near the front garden this morning. We get lots of these small lizards in our rockery.

And finally for today, snapped Kaiser taking a snooze in the afternoon sun yesterday. Look at how grey he is. He will be 15 human years this year I think. He is a little deaf and blind but still runs around like a pup! He has squeaky toys stashed all over the house and occassionally will grab one, run around like a mad dog and then hide under the dining room table squeaking away madly. I swear he has been here before as a human - he just seems to know what we're talking about!

Well, it's an absolutely beautiful afternoon so I think I'll make a cuppa and sit out the front, pondering life and what I will do with my share of the 40 million power ball if our work syndicate wins it!

love u all

The Jordies

Friday, 30 May 2008

A Day in Junee...........

Gidday Everyone!!

Well, I finally got a decent stand-down this time around. 5 days off! Started last Wednesday.

I've had some training days to run over the past few months, and of course my shifts that are changed to fit into the majoritys' needs. I don't mind that so much but with my 12 hour shifts being all over the place, I sometimes feel like I barely have time to recover before I have to go back again!

Kim and I went for a day trip to Junee on Wednesday. It's a nice little town. It has some great attractions; The Roundhouse Museum & the Licorice & Chocolate Factory to name a couple. It used to be a fairly busy railway town. The Roundhouse Museum is dedicated to this. The roundhouse refers to the place where the trains come into the building and are placed on a turntable where they back into a large servicing bays where the engineers work on them. Half of it is still a going engineering facility and the other half is used as a museum. Junee is on the main Melbourne - Sydney rail line and at one stage was an extremely busy railway town.

The family has been very busy in the last week (as per usual!) Lachlan has had extra hours this week and today started at 4.30am. Kasey has also had extra hours and all this week has had a 6.45am start. Rhiannan has her usual 9.30am start. Add to this my shifts and you can see that things are very topsy turvy. Kim has had some very staggered starts to her day!

This photo was taken at Junee. The day was a typical sunny but very cool Autumn day and there was a lot of haze in the distance, probably from the wood fires that had been lit.

Hope you're all well.


The Jordans

Todays quote............

"The only truly happy man is always a fighting optimist. Optimism includes not only altruism but also social responsibility, social courage and objectivity". - W. Beran Wolfe

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Kasey has a new car!...........

Hi Everyone.

It's been a while since I blogged but it's ok, - I saw the doctor and he gave me something for it!

Yep, it's true, Kasey has got a new car. Not 'New' new, but second hand new! It is in great shape and looks pretty smart too.

It is a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer - Commonwealth Games Special Edition. This means it has extra features that the other models don't. 1.8 Litre 4 speed auto and it goes really well.

Kasey saw how much easier it was for her friends driving an auto, and so she wanted to have a look around and see what was about. We looked at some on the net, but they didn't amount to much. This was oneof the first cars she saw, and she had made up her mind!

It's a much better car than her Suzuki Swift, and has more safety features, as well as the little things that were part of the limited edition.

She loves driving in it, and is already planning her first big trip.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

This is where it all started...........

My father was an avid photographer and this was his camera. I can vividly remember him lining up all the kids in different poses and then starting the lengthy process of getting the distance just right, calculating aperture settings and exposure time (by which time his subjects were getting very fidgetty!!). He used to develop and print his own photos. I remember many nights when he would set up his equipment in the house and we would have to go to bed early so we didnt accidentally turn on a light or open a door in the middle of the processing! He passed away in 1996, and Mum gave me the camera. It is still in excellent condition for its age, and I am sorely tempted to put another film thru it, but it is very difficult to get the Tri X film it requires. Kevin Sylvester lives on through his photos!! Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Temora Aviation Museum

Kim 'n' I took the Impreza for a scream out to Temora the other day. Nice little town with a great Aviation Museum.

The Aviation Museum in on the airstrip that was actually an RAAF Base used for pilot training during the war. Dad served there for a while although I am not sure how long he was there for or anything.

This is a photo of the museum entrance, it's actually the original Guard House for the Base entrance. The corrugated iron construction and the floor boards are all original, they've just been painted up and restored. I wonder how many times dad would've walked through those doors!

They have some fantastic aircraft out there and have a flying day once a month when they also have RAAF aircraft and other enthusiasts fly in. The RAAF Roulettes will be performing there soon and I think I have that day off! Woo hooooo....!!

It was a really good day out, the Impreza really handles fantastically and is very comfortable.
This photo is the instrument panel of a Spitfire.
Love to all

And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

A Trip to Albury

Hi Everyone!

Lachlan 'n' I had a shopping trip to Albury a few weeks ago.

There's this big Audio & Video store there, heaps of stuff! I picked up a 1 Gb micro card for my phone for $10! Got some great ringtones on there now, I can tell u!

It came with an SD Adaptor card which I can just plug straight into the computer port. This is great because now I can download all the photos off my phone onto the computer and vice versa. It's a wonderful thing for a gadget guy to have!
Lachlan picked up some clothes from some of the stores that we don't have here in Wagga Wagga, and we both had a counter lunch at one of the pubs for lunch.
Stopped to get some photos of the Melb - Syd rail line at Henty on the way back and snapped Lachlan in the process! He's a pretty cool dude!

Love to all

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Winter is on the way!

It's been a cold, wet day here today. Can't complain really, nice to see the rain. my beanie on!

We've all been well here, keeping busy with lifes usual things; work, sleep, eat.....

Lachlan will be 20 on the 29th April. Hard to imagine that 20 years have passed, where did they go? Wow....20 years ago I had a full head of hair!!

Kim and I were going to go to the Temora Aviation Museum today, but the weather changed our minds. It would have been a little cold and very wet on a tarmac watching aircraft flying around! Speaking of cold, we are expecting our first minus temp for this year tonight - bbrrrrrrr!

I went to the Dawn Service again this year. Got some good photos at that time of the morning, so go to my Flickr site and check them out.

Here is a photo taken at Mums 80th birthday of Mum and all the Jordan 'kids'. I changed it to black and white because I thought that really suited it.

Hope you're all well



Thursday, 17 April 2008

What's New?

Well, our vacuum cleaner is new! We brought a Dyson bagless and boy, you should see the stuff it picked up out of the carpet that our old one didn't - YUCK! It works great and the carpets look and feel heaps better also.

Been doing a bit of uploading to my Flickr site lately. I've finally attracted some comments from other photographers which is really good. One of my contacts is a 34 yr old male from Lebanon who is studying Law, and the other is a female from Portugal. It's quite amazing!

Nothing exciting has happened since we got back from up north. Back into the swing of working etc etc....and the kids are the same.

Lachlan and I took a drive to Albury the other day. It was just a boys day out, bit of shopping, counter lunch etc - it was good for Lachlan; he drove. He needs a little more long distance experience.

Now, the photo for this blog comes from the Wagga Wagga Botanical Gardens. It's such a beaut spot and heaps of opportunity to test out my macro lens on the camera!

Have a look at this!

Hope that everything is fine with u all.



Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lachlans' Graduation Night

Hi Everyone!

Yep, Lachlan had his TAFE Graduation night last night! He passed all his subjects and now has a Diploma in Digital Media.

Here is a photo of him wearing his robe (nah they dont get the square hat - he has to do more stuff at Uni if he wants to wear the square hat!)
The bloke with the beard on the left is Rod Owen. Rod is a good mate of mine; we spent some time together in the RAAF at Canberra and then at the School of Tech Training. He is a TAFE teacher in Info Tech now and actually took Lachlan for some of his subjects.

Take Care

Quote for this blog:- "Only the educated are free". - Epictetus

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Matthew James............

Gidday again everyone!

Just thought I would add this photo taken of Matt at Mums 80th. I actually cropped it from another and changed it to black and white.

He's not a bad looking bugger, but he'd look much better if he shaved his head!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Another Beautiful Day in the Country!

YAWWNNNN...........We were off to an early start today.

Kasey had to start at 7am, so Kim and I were up early to get her some brekky and to see her off.

Worked out well actually, because daylight saving had only just finished and the sun had just risen. I took offdown to Lake Albert to get a cuppla photos. Lake Albert has been very, very dry in the pastfew years (wonder why?) and had shrunk quite a bit. A lot of grass & lake weed stuff grew in the parts where the lake had dried up. Since we have had some very nice rain in the past few months, it is filling up again, and that lake weed stuff is still in the shallows. It must be good stuff to feed on. The birdlife is returning in great numbers and we have flocks of black swans, pelicans, cranes, ibis the usual duck life and, the odd seagull or 2!

Still it was a beautiful morning and I got some great photos, 1 which I have inserted here and the rest on my Flickr site - - why not check it out?

The family is all doing well. Tomorrow night we're all off to the TAFE for Lachlans Graduation Night after his successful completion of Diploma Digital Media (or sumthing like that!) Should be a good night. No doubt there will be some photos on here the next day, so check it out!

Hope you are all well and life is easy.

As always
"Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell"

Thursday, 3 April 2008

One more photo.............

Hi Everyone

thought you might appreciate this photo I took of Aunty Fran, Mum and, Aunty Laurie. It was originally in colour but I changed it into a Sepia Duotone and tweaked the lighting a little. I think it has turned out really well.

Well we're back here in Wagga after our little sojourn into QLD; it's 14 degrees TOP today and the wind is icy cold! My poor head, I'll have to break out the tibetan beany any day now!

Hope u like the photo.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kids left at home 'n' we're on our own!! WOO HOO

Seriously, we did miss the kids. Going to QLD for 6 days was the longest we've ever left them and the furthest we have been from them.....EVER! It was a little odd at first but I think we gradually got used to the idea. Mobile phones are a good thing, the kids thought they could escape - HA!, were they wrong or what!!

Anyway we had a great time. 2 nights at Brisbane, 1 at Beaudesert and 2 more at Surfers Paradise. We flew up and hired a car. The girl at the hire car company upgraded us to an Astra Convertible, so, naturally enough, we cruised Brisbane and the Gold Coast with the roof down and acted like a cuppla school kids with the music loud! Check out the young fella with his machine! Kim learned to put her hair back when da roof was down; took her ages to comb out all of da knots!! Of course, I didnt have dat problem!
We had a great dinner at Matts' place on the Friday night and ate out every other night ('cept for the night at Beaudesert; thanks for the VB and leftover Kentucky Leo!) Had the best ever meal at the Hard Rock Cafe at Surfers; ya gotta try it - it was great. We went up Q1 tower and had a birds eye view of the surrounding country and the entire Gold Coast; check out some of the photos on the Flickr site.
The photos of us and our hire car were taken just down the road from our accommodation. It was such a great place to stay. We had a 1 bedroom unit down Peninsular Drive at Surfers. It was very modern and wonderfully clean. Hard to believe it cost us only $95 per night, and that it was only 5 bucks more than the poxy motel we stayed at in Beaudesert - go figure eh?

It was so wonderful to see the family. It's very comforting to visit the old home again. I've lived away from there more years now than I actually spent there, and although I have my own home now in Wagga Wagga with my family for the past 14 years, I still refer to 4 Delamore St as home.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be posting some photos onto my Flickr site soon so keep posted!

Luv 2 all.

Mums' 80th Birthday

Hi everyone!

As most of u will know, Mum turned 80 the other day!
Hell! I'm too young to have a Mum who is 80!

It was a brilliant day; the first time that the 5 Jordan "kids" have been all together in the one spot since Dad passed away in '96. We're all a 'bit' older now, but none the worse for wear!

Mum had a good time, got stuck into a roast lunch with all the trimmings and really enjoyed herself, as did we all. The Beaudesert RSL Club put on a good spread (as they usually do) and Dad would've been proud to see us all sitting down in the club he worked so hard to establish, with many years on the Club Committee.

I've added a cuppla photos taken on the day, the rest I will put onto a CD and send off to family members in the near future. In one of the photos, Mum is having a good belly laugh; I told u all that a nip of vodka in her drink would liven her up!! The 2nd photo is mum cutting her cake. It was a beautiful double layered sponge cake with passionfruit cream in the middle and white choc icing - MMmmm.............

The 3rd photo is of Aunty Fran, Mum and, Aunty Laurie. What a good shot of the girls!

Happy 80th Birthday Marie Josephine.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

New Car is Here!....


picked up the Impreza the other day. Boy! it's great to drive! It's similar to the Outback in some ways but handles much better. Kim loves driving it, and we're looking forward to lower fuel and running costs as opposed to the larger engine of the Outback and the 2nd car (the Astra) that Lachlan brought off us.

We're off to QLD for Mums 80th on the 27th - can't wait - it'll be so good to catch up with the family and have some time to ourselves also. We're arriving about 0130 on Thurs arvo - 2 nights in Brissy - Sat night at Beaudesert and Sun/Mon nights at Surfers Paradise. Should be a great little break away!

Hey! Follow this link - and check out Lachlans journalistic skills. He is now listed as a columnist for this website! It's not a paying job - yet - but Lachlan enjoys posting stuff on there as it gives him some experience with writing and is quickly making a name for himself with the site managers.


Sunday, 2 March 2008

Big Week for all ...............

Gidday Family and Friends

Huge week for the Jordan de Wagga Wagga Sept!

Rhiannan's traineeship has started full on. At the end of the traineeship she will have a Cert III Hospitality (Operations) which is something very handy to have; people have to eat! It's really going well for her. The traineeship is being oversighted by Australian Aprenticeships which is a subsidary of Mission Australia. They check up every so often to ensure that the employer is looking after Rhiannan as well as sending along a training person once every so often to take her through some of the finer points of the traineeship. I think this person takes her through theory components of the Certificate. She works a 38 hour week and is still working at Woolies on her days off although I dont know how much longer she'll handle that.

Lachlan has taken on extra responsibilities at Woolies in Gurwood St. He is also working the back dock now, unloading semi trlrs as they come in with stock, signing for the delivery and ensuring that what was ordered was actually delivered. He will be taught to drive a forklift whilst there also (always a handy licence to have!). For the last 2 days he has started at 0430 in the morning and finished at midday. He is absolutely knackered at this moment and has fallen asleep on the lounge in rumpus room! Lachlan is buying the Astra off us. He always wanted it, it's an excellent car and he has been driving it for the last year or so and he feels very comfortable driving it.

Kasey is a lot better now. The antibiotics they had her on really knocked the tonsilitis for six and she is well over the glandular fever that came with it. She was pretty crook for a few weeks, God bless her, but she is well and truly on the way to recovery. GUESS WHAT? Kasey got her Provisional Licence today!!! Yahoo!!! She is so excited. She picked them up about 1000 this morning (RTA in Wagga is assessing on a Sunday to catch up with a backlog). She has driven to work by herself this arvo. It will be a great boost for her self confidence. 2 down and 1 to go!

Kim has been going to a Chiropractor for her back. She leave the place feeling a little sore, but within a cuppla days can really notice more movement than she has had for years. This bloke works on pressure points, not like the older style who'd probably pull off your head and break a cuppla ribs whilst manipulating things back into place.

And me? My hair is growing back all of a sudden and is doing so good that I have an appointment at a salon to get dreadlocks! (heh heh heh.........................)
I hope you're all happy and healthy.
Love to all

Pierre Jourdain de Wagga Wagga

Friday, 22 February 2008's raining!!

Hi again.............

Didn't get to put any photos on the last blog - so here's one now..............

Rhiannan turned 16 on the 2nd Jan. There's usually none of her friends around at that

time of the year to have a party, so we waited til we could get em all together and had one

for her on the 16th Feb.

Here's a photo of Rhiannan with her friends Grace and Dimity.

Love 2 all


P.S. Check out my Flickr Site for more photos!

Friday, 1 February 2008

Wot's 'appenin' ?

Welllll...... the first month of 2008 has come and gone - whoosh!
It's been a good month, nothing has gone extremely wrong and there has been no nuclear blast
type situation that has ruined our karma!


Took Rhiannan for a drive today - she is picking it up rather well, still very cautious but her gear changes and general handling are going good. We ran into a natural hazard whilst on our drive today - a flock of geese decided to cross the road and we had to wait a little while for them.

Kasey has been a little out of sorts lately. Turns out she has a dose of Tonsilitis. She has a new fella in her life; his name is Chris and he is a very nice bloke. He doesn't have his licence yet so at the moment that is a plus also.

Lachlan has applied for a cuppla jobs but no luck thus far. I guess that one of the probs with living in the country is that there is limited stuff going around and there are so many applications for each spot. Anyway, he'll get there. He has presented a movie review for a Wagga Website on the latest released movie 'Cloverfield'. Not sure if it will get published but if it does I will certainly put the link into the blog for u all to check it out.

I've posted a cuppla photos for this post from a visit Kim and I made to the Murrumbidgee River here in Wagga. Kasey had to start early at 7am, so I took her in and on return Kim and I went out for brekky. We had shopping etc to do that day, so to fill in time between brekky and shops being open we went to the river. It's a bit low (but not as low as it has been recently!) It's such a great asset to the town I am surprised that it is not utilized more for tourist type activities.

Kim and I have been perusing the Web for cheap flights to QLD. My mum is turning 80 end of March and we have just booked flights from Canberra to Brisbane. Managed to get return flights for both of us at just $348 - which is very cheap. We have to fly from Canberra because the cost of flying out of Wagga to Sydney (return) costs about the same amount. We could really use another company to offer cheaper flights from Wagga. We are trying to decide whether we will spend the 5 nights in Brisbane or poss spend a cupple at the Gold Coast also.

That's about it for this post.
Hope you're all well.

Luv from the Jordans

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Only 992 years 'til the New Millenium.........

Far Out! It's 2008!

Can u believe that?

Rhiannan had her birthday on the 2nd Jan and went out that day and picked up her Learners Permit. I now have to roster driving lessons between her and Kasey.

Took her to the Jubilee Park car park to get going. She is learning on a manual and we needed somewhere with wide open spaces for her to practice. Her clutch starts aren't too bad; I haven't come home with a severe case of whiplash!

Worked New Years Eve - phew! - flat out all night!!

I was very spoiled at Christmas; new watch, a Bundy Rum coffee mug filled with chocies mmmmmm......, a pair of excellent LCD light torches (really really bright) and a Led Zepellin rug, woven in the USA which looks brilliant.

Didn't make any new years resolutions; I'll feel too bad if I don't measure up!!

The photo for this entry is of Kim. On this particular day we went to the Wagga Lagoon so I could muck around with some of the may features of my camera. I liked this shot and changed it to a Sepia Duotone look through PhotoImpact software. There are some other shots of our day at the Lagoon on my Flickr site. Follow the link on the right.
Anyway my friends, I'll head off for now.

Until next time...........