Friday, 30 May 2008

A Day in Junee...........

Gidday Everyone!!

Well, I finally got a decent stand-down this time around. 5 days off! Started last Wednesday.

I've had some training days to run over the past few months, and of course my shifts that are changed to fit into the majoritys' needs. I don't mind that so much but with my 12 hour shifts being all over the place, I sometimes feel like I barely have time to recover before I have to go back again!

Kim and I went for a day trip to Junee on Wednesday. It's a nice little town. It has some great attractions; The Roundhouse Museum & the Licorice & Chocolate Factory to name a couple. It used to be a fairly busy railway town. The Roundhouse Museum is dedicated to this. The roundhouse refers to the place where the trains come into the building and are placed on a turntable where they back into a large servicing bays where the engineers work on them. Half of it is still a going engineering facility and the other half is used as a museum. Junee is on the main Melbourne - Sydney rail line and at one stage was an extremely busy railway town.

The family has been very busy in the last week (as per usual!) Lachlan has had extra hours this week and today started at 4.30am. Kasey has also had extra hours and all this week has had a 6.45am start. Rhiannan has her usual 9.30am start. Add to this my shifts and you can see that things are very topsy turvy. Kim has had some very staggered starts to her day!

This photo was taken at Junee. The day was a typical sunny but very cool Autumn day and there was a lot of haze in the distance, probably from the wood fires that had been lit.

Hope you're all well.


The Jordans

Todays quote............

"The only truly happy man is always a fighting optimist. Optimism includes not only altruism but also social responsibility, social courage and objectivity". - W. Beran Wolfe