Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A Trip to Albury

Hi Everyone!

Lachlan 'n' I had a shopping trip to Albury a few weeks ago.

There's this big Audio & Video store there, heaps of stuff! I picked up a 1 Gb micro card for my phone for $10! Got some great ringtones on there now, I can tell u!

It came with an SD Adaptor card which I can just plug straight into the computer port. This is great because now I can download all the photos off my phone onto the computer and vice versa. It's a wonderful thing for a gadget guy to have!
Lachlan picked up some clothes from some of the stores that we don't have here in Wagga Wagga, and we both had a counter lunch at one of the pubs for lunch.
Stopped to get some photos of the Melb - Syd rail line at Henty on the way back and snapped Lachlan in the process! He's a pretty cool dude!

Love to all