Thursday, 4 September 2008

Summer's on the way........YAY!!!.....

Hi everyone.

Well, the Jordans are very happy now that spring is here and summer is coming also. It's gonna be stinkin hot but the winter was cold and really wet so we are looking forward to it.

What's been happenin' ? I hear you ask? Well.............

I saw the Doc today and had a heart stress test. I had a few concerns about the ticker and decided to get them addressed. Turns out that everything is fine - wonderfully so!! All worry over nothing! Doc says I have another 51 years in me at least - gotta get my telegram from the monarch of the day!!

The Real Estate job for Lachlan was a fizzer. He phoned them to see what was happening and they told him that it was no longer available! They were taking a 'new direction' in their thinking! Can u believe that? I often wonder how some businesses survive with their casual attitude toward people who apply for jobs that they have advertised. Not only that, but their lack of planning and foresight in the recruitment process. Maybe they dont have much respect for their own businesses. Case in point; Lachlan applied for a position about a year ago with a local business only to be told that there was no actual job vacancy! The business was considering branching into something new and wanted to put out feelers to see how many people would be interested! He has been flat out with his 0430am starts this week. He also has been doing some sales work for a local business that is into publications - magazines and also the web. He is involved in selling web space advertizing for local businesses. He is having a good time, but it is also a good learning experience for him.

Kasy and her boyfriend Chris went to Wollongong last weekend to visit Chris' Dad. It is the furthest that she has ever driven but she arrived home safely. Kasey loves to drive!

Rhiannans driving is going well, although her car was a little under the weather this last week so she didn't get much time in. Turns out the spark leads had had it. Goes like a little rocket now!!

Kim n I went for a leisurely drive the other arvo. It was a beautiful day and we took off north to Old Junee, across to Marrar and Coolamon and back to Wagga. Such beautiful country out that way, so green from constant rain over winter and the yellow flowers of the Canola starting to bloom.

That's about all for this post.

Love to all


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