Monday, 25 August 2008

Career Madness.........

Hullo everyone! Yes we have had some career madness in the Jordan household!!

Kasey has not been too happy at Woolworths of late, so she went on a 'Sell Kassandra' mission and has come up with the goods.

She won a position at 'Allens' a fair sized retail store here in Wagga Wagga. It is a maternity relief position for the next 9 - 12 months but the store manager said that there would be a position for her when that time came up. She has 36 hours a week and starts on the 16 Sep. She is so happy about that. At exactly the same time, she landed herself a position as a waitress in one of our local pubs, but after a cuppla shifts there of not doing anything other than dishwashing she has decided to 'throw in the towel' (yes the dish towel LOL !!) Some of the girls that worked there weren't exactly too helpful and the woman in charge didn't treat her that well. But anyway, she has decided to keep a shift at Woolworths for a while to earn a little extra until she settles into the Allens job.

Lachlan went for an interview to a local Real Estate company. He was one of four chosen out of heaps of applicants for a Traineeship position, however before anyone sets foot into a Real Estate office there is some type of course that has to be done (under the law). It is an 18 week part time night course or, if one travels to Sydney, it is a 3 day course. The bloke conducting the interview was a bit wishy washy with information. Lachlan asked when the traineeship might start and the answer was "soonish....." There was no indication that if Lachlan does this short course if he would have the job. How can a business conduct interviews for a job or traineeship, not have a definite start date, and not give certainties when applicants may have to spend up to $600 on a 3 day short course on the off chance that they might be the successful applicant?

Anyway, on the day of his interview, Kim and I met Lachlan for lunch. He was done up in his suit and looked very handsome, or as one of Rhiannans friends put it - 'He's HOT!" He was of the idea that he should go for a walk and submit his resume (he had a copy of it with him) to some local businesses - you know the story - the squeaky wheel gets the grease! He walked to our local television station Southern Cross 10 (which has a small office here but does the majority of their work from Canberra) on the off chance that something may be available. Lachlan did some work experience there a few years ago whilst at school. Well, they remembered him and told him they would look over his resume. A very short while later, after Lachlan had left the office, the receptionist phoned to ask him about his Diploma in Digital Media. She told him that there was a position coming up - something about Producer something-or-other. She was going to make some calls and phone him back at the end of this week. Pretty exciting eh? Television is exactly what Lachlan would love to get into more than anything! Cross your fingers!

Rhiannan and I went for a rather long drive today; she still has a number of hours to accrue before she can sit for her drivers licence. She is doing very well.

Thats it for now. Will post updates about what has occurred with Lachlan when the news comes to hand.

Hope you're all well and enjoying life......



P.S. -
The photo for this entry is one of our nephew James. Taken a few years ago (sorry it's taken a little while to get on here James) I cropped the original and tweaked it into a black and white (which I think looks great) James celebrated his 13th birthday recently.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Amymone is back!....

We purchased this large bowl and fountain some years ago. We were told at the time that it was crushed marble and that there was not way in hell that it would crack!! WRONG!!! It turns out that it was mostly concrete with a little crushed marble in it and after about 5 years - you guessed it - it cracked!!

Never fear!

After some research (and actually getting around to doing it) the solution was found to fix her. The concrete had to be 'sanded' with a soft grinder attachment, an epoxy solution applied and then another 'membrane' solution
applied over the top of that. I had to leave for a while to ensure it dried over winter, before filling it again. It worked perfectly!

Yesterday I filled her up and turned her on (I hope she enjoyed that - LOL!!!) We now have our fountain back, and in the hotter months it will attract heaps of our local birds as it did in the past.

You may ask why we call her Amyone? Well...

Amyone was one of 50 Danaids
(daughters of Danaus - Greek Mythology). Danaus fled Egypt when he refused to marry his daughters to his twin brothers' (Aegyptus) 50 sons! (Phew they were a busy lot eh?!) Anyway he fled to Argos in Greece. His brother gave chase, and rather than put up a battle and cause death and destruction in his new found home, he instructed his daughters to murder their husbands on their wedding night.

Amymone (the 'blameless' one) did not do this because her husband Lynceus honoured her wish that she remain a virgin. The 49 heads of the other husbands were buried in 'Lerna' which was a region of springs and a former lake near the east coast of thePeloponnesus, south of Argos . Danaus was angry with his disobedient daughter and threw her to the Argive courts. Aphrodite intervened and saved her (Lynceus later killed Danaus as revenge for the death of his brothers). Lynceus and Amymone then began a dynasty of Argive kings (the Danaan Dynasty).

Amymone is represented with a water pitcher, a reminder of the sacred springs and lake of Lerna and, by contrast, a reminder that her sisters were forever punished in Tartarus (a dungeon of torment and suffering that exists in Hades) for their murderous crimes by fruitlessly drawing water in pitchers with open bases.

Hope you found that interesting!

Bye for now!...


Monday, 18 August 2008

Shopping Trip......

Hullo Everyone!! Kim, Rhiannan & I returned from Canberra yesterday after a few days of visiting relatives, catching up with friends and (of course) the inevitable shopping spree! We stayed with Gaye (Kims sister) and John. Had a few glasses of red and caught up on what's been happening. We also caught up with Kims newphew, David and his wife, Gabby. But the most important family member we caught up with was David & Gabbys' 1 year old son, Micah. What a happy little man he is- full of smiles and laughter! We gave him a belated 1st birthday present which makes some wonderful noises (sorry D&G!! - but one thing you have to learn to live with is kids noisy toys!) Here is a photo of him about to open his present.

We also caught up with Bruce and Margaret, old friends of ours from our Canberra days. Bruce and I served in the RAAF at Canberra together. We had a great lunch and swapped stories. It was so wonderful to see them again. Now that our kids are older and the family responsibilities are a little less (the kids can look after themselves now!), we hope to see more of them as we gradually make use of our new found freedoms.

And YES.......there was the shopping!! A little disappointing according to the girls. I wandered around like a lost soul whilst they hit the shops although, they didn't see much that took their attention. To pass the time I grabbed my camera and got some candid shots from the maddening crowds, and then at Lake Gininderra. You can see them posted onto my Flickr site.

We had a good time away but it was good to get home safely. Thanks for looking after us big fella!

I can't believe that the Olympics are almost over - Hooray Hooray - I am getting sick of it all; can't seem to have worked up any Olympic enthusiasm this time around.

Anyway, hope you're all well and looking forward to the warmer weather!

Love to all


Sunday, 10 August 2008

FINALLY!!.... Return to the Blog!

WOW I cant believe it has been 3 weeks since I last blogged!! What has happened that has caused this dastardly state of affairs?!


I returned to work after a month off over July. It was at the stage in my shift cycle when a swing shift occurred, hence for about 2 weeks it was work, eat and, sleep. Also, our subscription for Internet Security expired and I was a bit reluctant to use the net until we renewed it.

The family are all well. We have been hibernating thru the coldest and wettest winter we have had for years! (roll on Spring!)

I was a bit out of sorts on returning to work. My first nightshifts really knocked me about; I guess it will take a few more for me to settle back into that routine.

Kasey has been putting out feelers for another job scene. Woolies is "ok" but she wants more hours. If she can pick up something that will supplement her Woolies hours that will be good. Better still, if she can get something that offers about 38 hours a week then Woolies is gone! She has had one interview and is awaiting an outcome. Say a few prayers!

Rhiannans' traineeship is going great and she loves the place and people where she works. She cooked a chocolate cake the other day (for the menu!!) and was very proud of that effort!

Lachlans hours have picked up after the end of the financial year, although he is looking for something a little more stable with dedicated hours.

That's about it!! Pretty boring stuff eh? Kim, Rhiannan and I are off to Canberra at the end of the week. The girls will be on a shopping spree. I intend to take off around the place and get some photos. I'll let u know how it went.

In the meantime I'll sign off. I must try and blog on a regular basis so that I am not wracking my brain remembering stuff that happens weeks later!

Speaking of Canberra, the photo for this blog is of the kids and I in our backyard when we lived in Canberra. It's one of my fav photos.

Love to all


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