Monday, 18 August 2008

Shopping Trip......

Hullo Everyone!! Kim, Rhiannan & I returned from Canberra yesterday after a few days of visiting relatives, catching up with friends and (of course) the inevitable shopping spree! We stayed with Gaye (Kims sister) and John. Had a few glasses of red and caught up on what's been happening. We also caught up with Kims newphew, David and his wife, Gabby. But the most important family member we caught up with was David & Gabbys' 1 year old son, Micah. What a happy little man he is- full of smiles and laughter! We gave him a belated 1st birthday present which makes some wonderful noises (sorry D&G!! - but one thing you have to learn to live with is kids noisy toys!) Here is a photo of him about to open his present.

We also caught up with Bruce and Margaret, old friends of ours from our Canberra days. Bruce and I served in the RAAF at Canberra together. We had a great lunch and swapped stories. It was so wonderful to see them again. Now that our kids are older and the family responsibilities are a little less (the kids can look after themselves now!), we hope to see more of them as we gradually make use of our new found freedoms.

And YES.......there was the shopping!! A little disappointing according to the girls. I wandered around like a lost soul whilst they hit the shops although, they didn't see much that took their attention. To pass the time I grabbed my camera and got some candid shots from the maddening crowds, and then at Lake Gininderra. You can see them posted onto my Flickr site.

We had a good time away but it was good to get home safely. Thanks for looking after us big fella!

I can't believe that the Olympics are almost over - Hooray Hooray - I am getting sick of it all; can't seem to have worked up any Olympic enthusiasm this time around.

Anyway, hope you're all well and looking forward to the warmer weather!

Love to all