Monday, 25 August 2008

Career Madness.........

Hullo everyone! Yes we have had some career madness in the Jordan household!!

Kasey has not been too happy at Woolworths of late, so she went on a 'Sell Kassandra' mission and has come up with the goods.

She won a position at 'Allens' a fair sized retail store here in Wagga Wagga. It is a maternity relief position for the next 9 - 12 months but the store manager said that there would be a position for her when that time came up. She has 36 hours a week and starts on the 16 Sep. She is so happy about that. At exactly the same time, she landed herself a position as a waitress in one of our local pubs, but after a cuppla shifts there of not doing anything other than dishwashing she has decided to 'throw in the towel' (yes the dish towel LOL !!) Some of the girls that worked there weren't exactly too helpful and the woman in charge didn't treat her that well. But anyway, she has decided to keep a shift at Woolworths for a while to earn a little extra until she settles into the Allens job.

Lachlan went for an interview to a local Real Estate company. He was one of four chosen out of heaps of applicants for a Traineeship position, however before anyone sets foot into a Real Estate office there is some type of course that has to be done (under the law). It is an 18 week part time night course or, if one travels to Sydney, it is a 3 day course. The bloke conducting the interview was a bit wishy washy with information. Lachlan asked when the traineeship might start and the answer was "soonish....." There was no indication that if Lachlan does this short course if he would have the job. How can a business conduct interviews for a job or traineeship, not have a definite start date, and not give certainties when applicants may have to spend up to $600 on a 3 day short course on the off chance that they might be the successful applicant?

Anyway, on the day of his interview, Kim and I met Lachlan for lunch. He was done up in his suit and looked very handsome, or as one of Rhiannans friends put it - 'He's HOT!" He was of the idea that he should go for a walk and submit his resume (he had a copy of it with him) to some local businesses - you know the story - the squeaky wheel gets the grease! He walked to our local television station Southern Cross 10 (which has a small office here but does the majority of their work from Canberra) on the off chance that something may be available. Lachlan did some work experience there a few years ago whilst at school. Well, they remembered him and told him they would look over his resume. A very short while later, after Lachlan had left the office, the receptionist phoned to ask him about his Diploma in Digital Media. She told him that there was a position coming up - something about Producer something-or-other. She was going to make some calls and phone him back at the end of this week. Pretty exciting eh? Television is exactly what Lachlan would love to get into more than anything! Cross your fingers!

Rhiannan and I went for a rather long drive today; she still has a number of hours to accrue before she can sit for her drivers licence. She is doing very well.

Thats it for now. Will post updates about what has occurred with Lachlan when the news comes to hand.

Hope you're all well and enjoying life......



P.S. -
The photo for this entry is one of our nephew James. Taken a few years ago (sorry it's taken a little while to get on here James) I cropped the original and tweaked it into a black and white (which I think looks great) James celebrated his 13th birthday recently.