Friday, 22 February 2008's raining!!

Hi again.............

Didn't get to put any photos on the last blog - so here's one now..............

Rhiannan turned 16 on the 2nd Jan. There's usually none of her friends around at that

time of the year to have a party, so we waited til we could get em all together and had one

for her on the 16th Feb.

Here's a photo of Rhiannan with her friends Grace and Dimity.

Love 2 all


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Friday, 1 February 2008

Wot's 'appenin' ?

Welllll...... the first month of 2008 has come and gone - whoosh!
It's been a good month, nothing has gone extremely wrong and there has been no nuclear blast
type situation that has ruined our karma!


Took Rhiannan for a drive today - she is picking it up rather well, still very cautious but her gear changes and general handling are going good. We ran into a natural hazard whilst on our drive today - a flock of geese decided to cross the road and we had to wait a little while for them.

Kasey has been a little out of sorts lately. Turns out she has a dose of Tonsilitis. She has a new fella in her life; his name is Chris and he is a very nice bloke. He doesn't have his licence yet so at the moment that is a plus also.

Lachlan has applied for a cuppla jobs but no luck thus far. I guess that one of the probs with living in the country is that there is limited stuff going around and there are so many applications for each spot. Anyway, he'll get there. He has presented a movie review for a Wagga Website on the latest released movie 'Cloverfield'. Not sure if it will get published but if it does I will certainly put the link into the blog for u all to check it out.

I've posted a cuppla photos for this post from a visit Kim and I made to the Murrumbidgee River here in Wagga. Kasey had to start early at 7am, so I took her in and on return Kim and I went out for brekky. We had shopping etc to do that day, so to fill in time between brekky and shops being open we went to the river. It's a bit low (but not as low as it has been recently!) It's such a great asset to the town I am surprised that it is not utilized more for tourist type activities.

Kim and I have been perusing the Web for cheap flights to QLD. My mum is turning 80 end of March and we have just booked flights from Canberra to Brisbane. Managed to get return flights for both of us at just $348 - which is very cheap. We have to fly from Canberra because the cost of flying out of Wagga to Sydney (return) costs about the same amount. We could really use another company to offer cheaper flights from Wagga. We are trying to decide whether we will spend the 5 nights in Brisbane or poss spend a cupple at the Gold Coast also.

That's about it for this post.
Hope you're all well.

Luv from the Jordans