Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is a great style of photography.  Google it and see the thousands of fantastic photos created by this style.

I went out a couple of weeks ago to catch a Sunset.  Unfortunately, there was a cloud cover that wouldn't let any of that golden light through.  Still, the situation was perfect for some long exposure photos.  

The location we went to is about 2 kms as the crow flies, south of Dudley Beach.  We had hiked a short way down on a bush track off the end of Debs Parade at Dudley and onto a small area of beach.  There was some sand but there was also an abundance of rock as well.  It was low tide so we were able to walk out onto the rocks and catch the wave movement.

The thing I love about long exposure and waves is that when the shutter is left open for longer, the movement of the waves shows as lovely misty 'cloud' and where the water is calm, it smooths it out into a beautiful flat surface.

The longer the shutter is left open, the more light comes in.  So that the photo is not overexposed by too much light, filters need to be used to cut back the light.  I had 2 stacked ND8 filters on my lens for most of these photos and, removed one as the Sun went down and it got darker.

This would most certainly be an excellent place for some Sunrise photos but that walk from the end of Debs Parade, in the dark before Sunrise, is not something I would recommend!

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