Monday, 15 May 2017

Decisions, decisions.........

Some months ago I had been tossing up about getting a new lens.  I shoot with a Canon 600D and was torn between 2 lenses the Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 Macro USM or the Canon EF 85mm f1.8 USM.

The EF-S 60mm seemed at first to be the logical choice considering that the 600D is an APSC camera, plus, apart from being a fairly popular lens for portraits, it also does Macro work.  It would give me a little versatility.

The only problem with the EF 85mm is that when using it on an APSC camera, the crop factor is multiplied by 1.6 which means that 85mm is now 136mm fixed (take a step backwards for portraits).  But, on the other hand, the EF 85mm has that lovely fast f1.8 and, I can future proof myself when I eventually go to a full frame camera (I would not be able to use the EF-S 60mm on full frame).  Not only that but I have a lovely Canon EOS 300V 35mm camera and the EF 85mm would be perfect for that for film portraits! 

Ok, so by this time I am leaning toward the EF 85mm and the final thing that swung me in that direction was the price.  The EF 85mm was actually cheaper than the EF-S 60mm by over $100.


Anyway, now that I have it, I wanted to have a little play. I had already used it for a wedding a couple of months ago (see previous blog post dated 10 March 2017) and wanted to see what else it could do.

A week or so ago, I found myself waiting on Merewether Beach for my wife and a friend of ours.  I had just completed a shoot for the NSW Police Newcastle Local Area Command at a presentation function and, was wandering about as I waited with my camera bag over my shoulder.

I decided I would sit down and see how the 85mm lens would go catching the numerous Seagulls that were wheeling about over the beach and near the restaurant where we were to meet up for lunch.  I opened up the aperture wide and started on it.  It was pretty quick using my panning skills but I managed to capture a few of the birds in mid flight right on the centre focus point.

I also shot a few of the people hanging around the beach; it was a perfect day!

I love this lens!

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Wheelin' & Dealin' over Merewether Beach - Newcastle, Australia.

Final Approach at Merewether Beach - Newcastle, Australia.

Fence Sitter at Merewether Beach - Newcastle, Australia.
Merewether Beach Stairs - Newcastle, Australia.
Right open at f1.8 the focus point was the middle of the stairs.

Perfect Day!  Merewether Beach - Newcastle, Australia.

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