There is a certain air of nostalgia and romance attached to black and white photos.  Black and white is more impressive to the viewer; the absence of colour highlights the subject and the subtlety of tones adds emotional value.

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Small courtyard off George Street - Brisbane, Australia.
The Goodwill Bridge - Brisbane, Australia.
Big Boys Toys - Newcastle, Australia.
Shot on AGFA APX 100 - 35mm Film
The Casino - Brisbane, Australia.
South Bank on the Brisbane River - Brisbane, Australia.
The Forceful - Maritime Museum - Brisbane, Australia.
Storey Bridge - Brisbane, Australia.
Civic Theatre - Wheeler Place, Newcastle, Australia.
Fred Ash Building - Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia.
Buskers - Hunter Street Mall - Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Slippery Rocks - Newcastle, Australia.
Escaping the heat - monochrome - Ocean Baths - Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Street Feast - Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Surfs up Nobbys Breakwall - Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Storm surge Nobbys Breakwall - Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Through the heads, Richmond River - Ballina, NSW, Australia

Reflective thinking - Caves Beach, NSW, Australia

Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia
Guard Duty - Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia.
Honeysuckle Wharf - Newcastle, Australia.
Bridge over the Hunter River - Elderslie Road, Stanhope, NSW, Australia.
Surf Shop Ute - Hunter Mall, Newcastle, Australia.
Crescent Head, NSW, Australia.
Moored at Kiliben Bay, Lake Macquarie, Australia.
Steamfest 2014 - Maitland, NSW, Australia

Paddock Gate.  Eelah Road, Mindaribba, NSW, Australia.

The Grey Day - Nobbys Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.
'Dreadnought' on Lake Macquarie, Australia
Abandoned Farm - Thunderbolts Way, Oorundunby, Australia
Corner of King and Perkins Streets, Newcastle, Australia
The Two Friends - Belmont, Australia
Flock of Seagulls.  Rathmines, NSW, Australia.
Cattle Sale Yards - Wollombi, NSW, Australia.
Rush Hour at Redhead Beach - Newcastle, Australia
Sailing Port Hunter - Newcastle, Australia
Seagull Life - Swansea, Australia
Port Hunter Tugboats - Newcastle, Australia
Surfs Up!  Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Shot on 35mm film.
The Ocean Baths.  Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Shot on 35mm film.
Waiting for a Customer - Newcastle, Australia
Nobbys Beach - Newcastle, Australia
Surf Spray - Nobbys Beach - Newcastle, Australia
Fishing Lake Macquarie - Murrays Beach, Australia
Rail Tunnel - Mayfield West, Australia
The Granary Wharf - Carrington, Newcastle, Australia
Rail Line - Mayfield West - Newcastle, Australia
The Wharf - Catherine Hill Bay, Australia
Getting some Air over Lake Macquarie - Belmont, Australia.
Spelunking - Caves Beach, Australia
Beach Stairs - Caves Beach, Australia
Back Door - Caves Beach, Australia
It was Tough in The Old Days - Maitland, Australia
Station Platform - Wagga Wagga, Australia
Heard it on the Grapevine - Pokolbin, Australia
Connie - Aviation Museum, Temora, Australia
The Tree - Green Point, Lake Macquarie, Australia
A Monochrome Sunset - Swansea Heads, Australia
Pylons on Lake Macquarie.  Rathmines, NSW, Australia.
Dune - Worimi National Park, Port Stephens

Manly Ferry inbound to Circular Quay - Sydney, Australia

Sailing Sydney Harbour - Sydney, Australia

Harbour Bridge Silhouette - Sydney, Australia
Afternoon on Lake Macquarie #1 - Lake Macquarie, Australia

Afternoon on Lake Macquarie #2 - Lake Macquarie, Australia

Afternoon on Lake Macquarie #3 - Lake Macquarie, Australia

HMAS Huon - Sydney Harbour, Australia

The Pan Champion being escorted into Port Hunter - Newcastle, Australia

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