Sunday, 20 February 2011

Back to the Painting!


Yep, back to the painting today.  Final coat on the ensuite door and hopefully it will be ready to hang this afternoon.   Whilst that is waiting, the walk in robe will be emptied and we’ll get a start on that!   The preparation has got to be the worst part of the painting, cleaning is not too bad because we are using water based paints.   The water based acrylic for the doors, door frames and skirting boards looks good but does not have the finish like an oil base but, an oil base white will yellow after about 2 years.   Cleanup is also heaps easier with a water based acrylic !!

We had a very nice dinner last night and met Lachlans girlfriend, Naomi.   She is a lovely girl, studying nursing at Newie Uni.   Kasey is pretty happy with her new HTC Desire smartphone that she got yesterday.   Raz has been a bit crook over the last cuppla days but is feelin’ much better now and has an afternoon to close shift today.   Kims back still plagues her; this has been the longest it has taken for it to get back to normal and she has to be careful about what she does about the house.

The weather has been ssooooo humid lately and the aircon has taken a bit of a hammering [dreading the next electricity bill!]   Not only that but the paint takes longer to dry when it is humid!

Barney is growing quickly!  He has turned out to be a very intelligent dog, not only because he can learn things quickly but, once learned he appears that he couldnt be bothered to do them again.  The only exception to this rule for him is that he must sit and wait for his dinner whilst we put it on the floor!   He has started to dig a small hole in the courtyard and I would love to know what is in there; his nose always seems to work overtime in that particular spot.  Kirra was helping him dig the other day too so whatever is there must be very interesting to dogs!!

It is gonna have to be a very quiet month; a million bills due!

Hope everyone is well and surviving!



Sunday, 13 February 2011

The New Edition


Yes, the Jordan household echoes to the patter of little feet once again!   BUT, before you all jump to conclusions, I should tell you that the patter comes from 4 little paws.   YES, we have got ourselves another dog, one that was saved from certain death by Dog Rescue Newcastle.   We have called him Barney!


He is such a great dog, although we think he may grow a ‘little’  bigger that what we first thought.   We were told he was a cross between a Kelpie and a Staffordshire Terrier but, there does not appear to be an ounce of Kelpie in him whatsoever!   After careful consideration [and looking into books about dog breeds] we have come to that conclusion that he is more than likely a Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed with something!

It’s a bit of a rude shock to have a puppy in the house again!   Things need to get put up or they will be chewed beyond recognition!   He has also had a few accidents in the house although his toilet training is coming along and he is picking it up really fast.    He has grown in the two weeks that we have had him and we are really not sure how big he will get but he has long lanky legs and his paws seem to be bigger now then when we first saw him!

Our other dog Kirra is now 14 years old and cannot stand a bar of him.    He will bound up to her barking at her to come and play, but all she does is growl at him.   He is gradually learning to ignore her I think!

Not much more to add really.   I am back into the painting again; just finished our ensuite and tomorrow will start on the walk in robe and then the main bedroom.   It’s taking its time but will certainly be worth it when it is all finished. 

Have had a wonderful day today.   The sky is overcast and for most of the afternoon there has been this heavy drizzle falling.   The day was wonderfully cool and Kim and I were able to do a little gardening.   Kim is in the kitchen at the moment getting dinner ready.   Roast Chicken and veges – it smells wonderful!

Hope you’re all well