Saturday, 31 May 2008

Another Wonderful Day in the Country!..............

Yep - another beautiful Autumn day in downtown Wagga Wagga!

Kim n I are really looking forward to a sleep in!

Today, Kasey was up at 6am for a 6.45 start, Lachlan started at 8am and Rhiannan started at 9am! Just when we thought it was safe for a Sunday sleep in, Lachlan has picked up an 8am start - DOH!!!! I am back on Monday with 3 dayshifts (5.30am alarm!)

Still, in spite of the sleep deprivation (0r so it seems), we're very proud of their work ethics. They all have a target in mind and are not adverse to working and saving towards it!

Found this little fella on the driveway near the front garden this morning. We get lots of these small lizards in our rockery.

And finally for today, snapped Kaiser taking a snooze in the afternoon sun yesterday. Look at how grey he is. He will be 15 human years this year I think. He is a little deaf and blind but still runs around like a pup! He has squeaky toys stashed all over the house and occassionally will grab one, run around like a mad dog and then hide under the dining room table squeaking away madly. I swear he has been here before as a human - he just seems to know what we're talking about!

Well, it's an absolutely beautiful afternoon so I think I'll make a cuppa and sit out the front, pondering life and what I will do with my share of the 40 million power ball if our work syndicate wins it!

love u all

The Jordies