Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Temora Aviation Museum

Kim 'n' I took the Impreza for a scream out to Temora the other day. Nice little town with a great Aviation Museum.

The Aviation Museum in on the airstrip that was actually an RAAF Base used for pilot training during the war. Dad served there for a while although I am not sure how long he was there for or anything.

This is a photo of the museum entrance, it's actually the original Guard House for the Base entrance. The corrugated iron construction and the floor boards are all original, they've just been painted up and restored. I wonder how many times dad would've walked through those doors!

They have some fantastic aircraft out there and have a flying day once a month when they also have RAAF aircraft and other enthusiasts fly in. The RAAF Roulettes will be performing there soon and I think I have that day off! Woo hooooo....!!

It was a really good day out, the Impreza really handles fantastically and is very comfortable.
This photo is the instrument panel of a Spitfire.
Love to all

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