Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I'm on Holidays..........

......but we're not actually going anywhere. Just spending some time bumming around veging out. The weather has not really been good for doing much else. Cold, wet, drizzling days aren't really good to get out into!

So what I have been doing is spending a bit more time on the 'pooter and internet. One good thing to come out of this is that I have discovered the Schoolfriends site has been updated. Now known as Friends Re-united, I have actually caught up with an old school mate and a couple of RAAF mates. Hopefully more to follow as well.

We have decided not to escape for a couple of nights on our anniversary; we'll just go out for dinner and have a couple of glasses of the fruit of the vine!

Lachlan has informed us that one of the guys in the back dock is going on holidays soon and they want Lachlan to fill his hours. That's good for the bank account, unfortunately his shifts start at 4.30 am daily so Lachlan will have a few weeks of disruption. Lachlans hours have been cut severely in the last 2 weeks because it was the end of the financial year. He is a casual employee and if the budget for the store comes under the forecast for the year, the managers get a bonus!! It sucks really, the casual workers get their hourse slashed so the manager can pick up a personal bonus.

The photo posted for this entry was taken on the front steps of 4 Delamore St. I took a photo of the original and then uploaded it onto the computer.

Hope you're all well.