Monday, 7 April 2008

Another Beautiful Day in the Country!

YAWWNNNN...........We were off to an early start today.

Kasey had to start at 7am, so Kim and I were up early to get her some brekky and to see her off.

Worked out well actually, because daylight saving had only just finished and the sun had just risen. I took offdown to Lake Albert to get a cuppla photos. Lake Albert has been very, very dry in the pastfew years (wonder why?) and had shrunk quite a bit. A lot of grass & lake weed stuff grew in the parts where the lake had dried up. Since we have had some very nice rain in the past few months, it is filling up again, and that lake weed stuff is still in the shallows. It must be good stuff to feed on. The birdlife is returning in great numbers and we have flocks of black swans, pelicans, cranes, ibis the usual duck life and, the odd seagull or 2!

Still it was a beautiful morning and I got some great photos, 1 which I have inserted here and the rest on my Flickr site - - why not check it out?

The family is all doing well. Tomorrow night we're all off to the TAFE for Lachlans Graduation Night after his successful completion of Diploma Digital Media (or sumthing like that!) Should be a good night. No doubt there will be some photos on here the next day, so check it out!

Hope you are all well and life is easy.

As always
"Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell"