Thursday, 17 April 2008

What's New?

Well, our vacuum cleaner is new! We brought a Dyson bagless and boy, you should see the stuff it picked up out of the carpet that our old one didn't - YUCK! It works great and the carpets look and feel heaps better also.

Been doing a bit of uploading to my Flickr site lately. I've finally attracted some comments from other photographers which is really good. One of my contacts is a 34 yr old male from Lebanon who is studying Law, and the other is a female from Portugal. It's quite amazing!

Nothing exciting has happened since we got back from up north. Back into the swing of working etc etc....and the kids are the same.

Lachlan and I took a drive to Albury the other day. It was just a boys day out, bit of shopping, counter lunch etc - it was good for Lachlan; he drove. He needs a little more long distance experience.

Now, the photo for this blog comes from the Wagga Wagga Botanical Gardens. It's such a beaut spot and heaps of opportunity to test out my macro lens on the camera!

Have a look at this!

Hope that everything is fine with u all.