Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Moving right along..................


received the official 'OK' email today, saying that our transfer to Newcastle has been approved! We just have to negotiate the exact dates.

AT LAST! sometimes I think the waiting is the worst.

We r all organized for Christmas, looking forward to 5 days off now, having a cuppla drinks and giving out some gifts to my wonderful family!

Although the for sale sign is up, the house is 'not quite' on the market yet. We have to wait for the contracts to be drawn up before it can be properly advertised. Our solicitor is on a break over the festive season and back in early January so we have a little time to just veg out before we have to keep the place looking like a Beverly Hills display home!!

For my overseas friends, I am on Facebook now, so check out the weird and wonderful goings on of the Jordans. Search for Pete Jordan; u cant miss my bald head, goatee and 2 earrings on my photo! Seems a bit odd perhaps that I have this blog AND a facebook page, but facebook is much more informal and has easier interaction between friends than a blog. Besides, not everyone has a facebook account.