Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tradition Lives On!!..........

Well it seems like an age since I last posted. The Jordan family have all been a bit crook with the dreaded lurgy (usual winter crappy cold & flu stuff) but are getting over the worst of it.

Lachlan has his forklift licence and we're all very proud of him!!

Kasey and Chris are off to Albury for a cuppla days shopping and celebrating their 6 month anniversary!! Time flies while you're having fun!

Rhiannan has been very keen and going to kick boxing classes (sorta like a gym class) early in the mornings twice a week for about 2 months now. She has lost a little weight and can see an improvement in her overall fitness.

We've had a slight problem with our new Subaru Impreza (nnoooooooo......) When we took delivery of it there was a stone chip on the bonnet. We were told that it would be fixed, BUT they want to respray the whole bonnet! Problem is, I don't think that they would be able to match the colour exactly, and I would rather put up with a stone chip than a bonnet that stands out because the paint is a different shade. They will fix the stone chip with a touchup and polish and then compensate us for the difference between that and a full respray. A little disappointing but it's no good spending all that money on a brand new car and not receive it in 100% condition. The dealer has been very good about it, though it did take them a little while to get around to organizing something about it.

My photography thing is coming along great. I've been discovering all about different lens filters that give better results for landscape photography. A little expensive (the polarizing filter I want is around the $65 mark) but will make a great difference in certain shots.

In 1 week I will be on leave for a month. Thank God!! The place is driving me a little loony lately. I love my job but some of the personalities make it difficult. Everyone has an opinion but it's a shame when they don't really have any idea about what it is they are talking about!

Anyway, it will be our 22nd Wedding Anniversary on the 12th July and all going well Kim and I will escape somewhere for a couple of nights. It will have to be cosy because it will be damn cold anywhere we go!!

The 1st photo for this post is of Theresa and I at Tambourine Mountain. Mum, Dad, Theresa & I went for a day trip when Matt was a baby and Dad had us pose at this palm tree out the front of St Bernards Hotel. That photo would've been taken in 1967 I think. Years later when Kim & I visited there with our kids I just couldn't resist the temptation!! Yep!....I did a Kevin Sylvester and lined up Lachlan & Kasey at the same tree!

I hope they both realize now that it is a family tradition and they have to do the same with theirs as well!!!

Anyway, that's it from me today.

Hope you are all well.

Love to all