Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lachlans Latest Journalistic Venture

Yep, Lachlan has done it again.

About a week and a half ago, the blokes from The Wagga Guide (famous on-line web page promoting everything about beautiful Wagga Wagga) approached Lachlan and asked if he would do a Rock Band Interview. There were 3 bands visiting Wagga Wagga as part of a Jack Daniels Promotion.

Bands from all over had competed in a competition hosted by Jack Daniels (the whisky) the 3 most voted for bands were then put on a tour on the East Coast.

Lachlan didn't get much time to investigate or do any homework on these bands as he was asked to interview them early afternoon on that day, and the bands were playing a 1 night gig that night! Never the less, he picked up his trusty CamCorder and Tripod, did a quick Google homework and thus armed hit the Capital Night Club!

You can check out the interview on this link -


The majority of the filming was done by Lachlan ('cept for the interview bits). Lachlan edited the film adding the captions and had to compress the file for upload to YouTube.

Not bad for a couple of hours notice!!

Go Lockie!!