Wednesday, 19 March 2008

New Car is Here!....


picked up the Impreza the other day. Boy! it's great to drive! It's similar to the Outback in some ways but handles much better. Kim loves driving it, and we're looking forward to lower fuel and running costs as opposed to the larger engine of the Outback and the 2nd car (the Astra) that Lachlan brought off us.

We're off to QLD for Mums 80th on the 27th - can't wait - it'll be so good to catch up with the family and have some time to ourselves also. We're arriving about 0130 on Thurs arvo - 2 nights in Brissy - Sat night at Beaudesert and Sun/Mon nights at Surfers Paradise. Should be a great little break away!

Hey! Follow this link - and check out Lachlans journalistic skills. He is now listed as a columnist for this website! It's not a paying job - yet - but Lachlan enjoys posting stuff on there as it gives him some experience with writing and is quickly making a name for himself with the site managers.