Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Another Rainy Day.....

But I'm NOT complaining.   The times we spent in Wagga Wagga when it didn't rain a drop for months on end!

I finally took my camera into work the other night and made good use of my meal break.   There are some great subjects around the Newcastle CBD!   Check out my Flickr site to have a look at them.........http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifewithjordy/.....I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out!

The kids were in Canberra last weekend for a friends 21st.   They had a good time catching up with friends but I think the girls have ended up with colds etc.   Kasey stayed down there and then went on to Wagga to visit some old friends whilst she had the opportunity.  We spoke to her today and she said how Wagga seemed so small after living up here for a while; 10 minutes to get to anywhere in Wagga!  

I had the Fender 12 serviced last week after 32 years of use!   It has come back looking and feeling absolutely brand new!   It actually cost me more to get it fixed up than it cost me 32 years ago, but it is entirely worth it.

We have to have another garage sale again and VERY SOON!!  We have so much stuff cluttering up the garage [and other cupboards] that we cant get a car in there!   Once we have that sorted we can get into the painting again.   

We are getting some quotes to have our bathroom and ensuite refurbished.   Dunno what the people who built the house were thinking....salmon pink vanity!  ewwww!

Kaiser has not been very well.  He is 15.5 years old now [thats 105 in doggy years!].   He struggles a bit to go to the toilet properly and is not keeping some of his meals down.    He sleeps most of the day and has lost of lot of muscle tone in the past 2 weeks.   Mind u.....this morning he was running around like a puppy!   We will have to keep a close eye on him.....poor old fella'.

The photo on with this post was taken at The Entrance.  We were down there a few weeks ago and I got some shots of the local Pelicans!!

Hope you're all well