Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rhiannan's Year 10 Formal


Rhiannan had her Formal the other night. As you can see she was absolutely beautiful! It went very well and she had a couple of friends over after it finished. After the debacle of the school excursion, she was not keen to go to the after party.

Here she is in her dress, looking great.

She didn't have a partner but her friend Dimity dressed up and went along for the ride for a laugh!! When the car pulled up (Rhiannan has a friend who owns a BMW - he was good enough to take her to the formal), Dimity jumped out and opened the door and helped her out - just like a chaffeur!
Check out the Flickr link on the right to view a photo of Rhiannan with her new car!
By for now - next entry at Christmas
Love to all