Saturday, 8 December 2007

Back Agin!!

Well Rhiannan had fun on her excursion - except for a handful of people who got pissed, invited random boys and girls back to their motel rooms and had a party with grog and bongs! Cant believe some kids; they're on the road to ruin at 16. Luckily Rhiannan was in a room with some quiet girls and none of them were involved in it.

Check out this photo. It was taken about Jan 07 when we sold the Corona after 21 years of faithfull service. We took a photo of all of us, including the dogs. I have touched up the photo, changing it to a duotone sepia and retained some of the original colour. It's a great photo!!

Check out more photos on my Flickr account - follow the link on the right!.

Love to all..........